I sat in the sofa staring into the air. It was a Sunday morning and we were getting ready to go to church. I had finished dressing and was feeling reluctant to step out so I just sat still in the sofa, lost in my thoughts.

With all that happened between Henry and I, I just wished I could wake up to a brand new day with a brand new life. A new day that would never lose its newness.

“Herty, are you still sitting there? Can’t you see we are already late?” Henry pick the car keys from the table.

Quietly, not wanting to start any fight, I took my hand bag and followed him. We were embarking on what seemed to me another boring Sunday morning routine.

I loved God and wanted to know him more but for many years I couldn’t seem find any answers in church. As a result, my interest in church activities was dwindling.

I remember when I met Henry, I was literally on fire for God. Henry was also zealous about the things of God and that was one of the reasons I chose to marry him. He was the sweetest person on earth I had ever met. It’s rather sad that after marriage, his attitude towards me changed.

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Suddenly, Henry found everything I did appalling. He sought to retaliate the least offence and would not even talk to me sometimes. Being a forgiving person with a gracious heart, I found that hurtful as I always forgave him for the worst things.

This morning, as we drove to church, we were both quiet. This was because the previous day, I had come home very late. I had gone for a meeting after work which I forgot to tell him about. It was after the meeting that I saw several missed calls from him.

I called back and apologized profusely but Henry would have none of it. He was mad at me and only God knew when his wrath would subside.

This was one of the reasons I wished I could sleep away my old life and wake up to a brand new life with no worries or cares.

That was what my friends and I wished for in Senior High School anytime things were not going our way. When the whole class was punished to weed a large portion of grass, for instance, I would say to Selly and Debbie, “Sometimes I just wish we would sleep and wake up in a foreign land with no cares or worries.”

“I know right. Some of these things can be very annoying,” Selly would plant her cutlass in the soil out of despair.

“A new day with no recollection of the past, that would be really fun,” Debbie would put her cutlass down, hold her waist and stare in the air wishfully.

We all wished we’d have a brand new day in a foreign land with no recollection of the past and was that even possible?…

To be continued…

BY: Kreative Sandy


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