“That sounds nice but like I said, I’m tired so I would like to get some sleep…”

*******     ******        ******

The phone rang severally. I woke up to the sun rays that had already invaded the room. It was already 8am. I checked my phone and it was Selly.

“Good morning girlfriend, how was your night?”

“I had a great night and you?”

“My night was okay. How are things between you and Henry, can I be excited already? Because it looks like Hubby is stalking you now. He can’t let you go”

“Haha! You and your jokes. Well, things may be beginning to get better, I guess.

“Uh-huh! I felt that the moment I saw him at the car park. At least I’m glad things are beginning to clear up. Come to think of it, our new day may not be how we imagine it to be…waking up in a foreign land….bla bla bla…. it will just be us living out our best because we decided to make the right decisions,” Selly said.

“That’s brilliant,” I thought to myself as I pondered on it.

“Hello, Herty are you there?”

“Yes girl, I’m here. You just said some brilliant stuff. It took me a minute to wrap my mind around it.”

“Yeeeyy… Herty of all people impressed, that means a lot.”


“Have a great day, girlfriend. I’ve got to go”

“You too, honey.”

I smiled. I just knew what to do next.

I walked to the living room after bathing and I saw Henry setting the table.

“What’s going on?” I asked feeling a little surprised.

“Just something light for my beautiful wife,” Henry said.

I looked at him in his apron and couldn’t help but smile. “Thank you,” I said as I sat on the table and poured hot water into the cup and later some milo. There were slices of bread and scrambled egg on the table.  

“Why are you doing all this?” I asked as I ate.

“It’s because I’m really sorry. I need you back in my life just as before,” He looked into my eyes.

I looked away, staring at the cup of tea before me. I’ve been thinking a lot since you told me what the doctor said. You know what?

“What?” Henry asked anxiously.

“Selly said something today and it really got me thinking. Ermm….let me start this way, actually, Selly, Debbie and myself have always had this little fantasy of waking up to a new day.

“A new day….like tomorrow?”

“Haha, no…no…like waking up in a foreign land with no worries and bad memories.”

“Oh! like a fairy tale”

“Hahaha! Okay! Great comparison.”

“I mean that only happens in fairy tales or? Haha! Anyway, what did she say?”

“She said that perhaps our new day may not be how we imagined it to be, it will just be us making the right decisions and living out our best.”

“Mmmm….that’s simple but deep. I can’t agree more.”

“Yeah, so…..errmm….why don’t we let bygones be bygones? I know this whole situation has caused both of us a lot of pain. And I especially couldn’t let things go….but if there’s something I’ve learnt….it’s that holding on to the pain does no good.”

I looked down as I hit the spoon on ceramic cup playfully.” I spoke to the lady Pastor at the fellowship I’ve been attending and she explained to me how Jesus has forgiven us of all our sins, like all of it, even those we are yet to commit.”

Henry just stared at me.

“He has forgiven us all of them without even fearing if we would take it for granted and keep messing up. Maybe, he thought about that but he forgave us anyway. So if Jesus can forgive me this way, why shouldn’t I forgive that way too? Afterall, I am his child.

So I just want to say that I let it all go, I forgive you and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you get treated….and hopefully we can have our baby.”

I looked at Henry’s face after my somewhat long speech and I was surprised to find tears in his eyes.

“Thank you,” he said and held me hand close to his chest. I couldn’t prevent the tears from flowing down my own cheeks…

To be continued…




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