A NEW DAY 16 (Finale)


“Thank you,” he said and held me hand close to his chest. I couldn’t prevent the tears from flowing down my own cheeks.

********     ************         ************

Christmas and the New year was over. Work had already resumed and my scheduled had become busy once again. All through this, there was one thing that kept me going; the knowledge of God’s unconditional love.

Before Selly and Debbie left for overseas, we had our last outing at the mall. We spoke lengthily about the events we attended and all that had happened.

“Girls, Henry and I are doing fine now. We’ve started treatment for Henry and hopefully, I can conceive.

“Aww, I’m so glad to hear that,” Selly said.

“How did it actually happen? What caused the sudden turn of events?” Debbie, who was curious, asked.

“It all started after a while of attending the meetings and hearing the gospel. I realized, I became a little gracious to Henry, then he opened up to me which got me really hurt and finally we were able to resolve matters. I think the cause of this transformation is the gospel and nothing else. Before this time, I had tried everything yet to no avail,” I recounted.

“For the first time ever, this whole church thing is really proving to be fruitful. I was seeking for fulfillment in the wrong places and never getting it. Now, I feel really fulfilled and I haven’t really achieved anything. I’m really amazed at the effect this simple message is having on me,” Selly also narrated her transformation.

“Same here with me, I mostly felt condemned anytime I stepped into church. The desire to know God was there but church didn’t really feel like a nice place to be. Do you girls know that I never attended church throughout my stay in London?”

“What, you don’t mean it?” I was shocked because I knew Debbie to be very religious.

 “Yeah, I felt tired because the message was burdensome, Debbie responded, so when my cousin invited us, I wanted us to go together because that was the only way I could attend. After a while of attending the meetings, I must say that a burden has been lifted from me. I can confidently say that the life in Christ is enjoyable. I only seek to know more and more about him.”

The night ended with us deciding to find our joy in Christ and not in our jobs, marriage, relationships or anything else. Through this way, we were certain of a lasting joy.

“Guys, I guess this is our new day right here. We haven’t spoken this intimately and joyfully in a long time. In fact, none of us found joy in all the things we were pursuing but it looks like we have finally found it in Christ. I’m very confident that this right here is our new day,” I said excitedly.

“I would agree with you, dear. Since this “new day” is found in Christ, it will never pass away. As long as Christ lives in us, we have all the time to enjoy his goodness,” Debbie commented.

“Exactly, like I told Herty the other time, the new day won’t be necessarily spectacular, it will be us making the best decisions. And from all that we have said, I guess our decision is to always to choose Christ and all he has done for us above everything else. The interesting thing is that it is only through knowing Christ that we can actually be best in our job, marriage etc.” Selly said.

“Amen to that girls. Christ over everthing else,” I proposed a toast.

“Christ over everything else, Selly and Debbie responded.

*******           **********         **********

Several months later…

We just sat there and stared at the doctor. We couldn’t believe our ears. I, in particular, didn’t know whether to burst on in laughter or in tears. Henry’s eyes were opened wide. It looked like the world had come to a stand still. Something breath-taking had just happened—better still we had been informed of it.

“Oh! Thank you God!” Henry exclaimed when he found his voice. My mind went through all the ordeal I had gone through that year. Finally, my desire had come to pass. I felt surges of joy, gratefulness and relief all through me. I couldn’t contain it anymore, so I let it gush out in tears.

Henry held me saying, “It’s alright, dear. It’s alright.”

The doctor had just confirmed that I was three months pregnant. This was the news I had been expecting a year after we got married, now it was here. I was so grateful.

I kept the news to myself till the sixth month. I knew it was time to let Selly and Debbie know about. I wanted to reach both of them together through a calling app but I couldn’t reach Selly. I sent her messages on WhatsApp but I didn’t receive any reply. I wondered what was going on with her. Two weeks later, we were able to have the call.

“Hey girlfriends, how are we doing?” Selly asked fondly.

“We are fine, I’ve been trying to reach you but to no avail. Where have you been?” I enquired.

“Sorry about that girl, I was busy with a project at work. And guessss whaaat?” Selly asked.

“What? Did you find a boyfriend?” Debbie asked.

 “Haha! Oh no, far from that,” Selly said.

“So what is it then?” I asked.

 “We just ended a big project. It was successful and I have been promoted.”

“Wooow, that’s amazing. This is the promotion you were hoping for last year.” I exclaimed.

“Exactly, I’m so excited.”

“That means more cash. I’m happy for you girl,” Debbie commented.

 “How are things with you two?”

“As for me, life has been good because I found a church here that preaches the gospel of grace. Nothing beats that for me. It was something I was really searching for. I didn’t want to stop hearing the message when I left Ghana so I’m so glad to have found one here,” Debbie narrated.

“Wow, that’s great,” I responded.

“That’s really cool. I’m still looking for a church nearby that preaches the gospel so that I can join them. I’ve found a couple of Churches that preach the gospel of grace but they are many flights away. For now, I join their services online,” Selly pointed out.

“That’s okay. Henry and I have fully joined the fellowship here. I saw no reason in going to a church where the message does not edify and exalt the sacrifice of Christ. Henry, having seen the transformation in me, couldn’t agree less.”

“Wow, I’m so amazed at how far we have come,” Selly said fondly.

“You girls haven’t heard it all. Your girl right here is six months pregnant.”

“Whaaaat? Herty, you don’t mean it. How were you able to hide this news from me all this while?” Selly who couldn’t believe her eyes shouted.

“I wanted to give myself time before announcing it,” I explained.

“Aww! That’s so amazing, I’m even getting emotional. After all the struggle? We thank God,” Debbie said.

“Yeah girlfriend, I’m more than grateful. I’m just so amazed at the happenings in our lives. The right decisions to forgive, love and get to know God are so worth it.” “Girls, this is our new day! Nothing should prevent us from enjoying it.

With that, we sang a song we composed way back in SHS. I couldn’t hold back my tears. Life indeed, had much more to it than the possession of material things. We had found the one our hearts desired and we were unwilling to let him go.





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