We all wished we’d have a brand new day in a foreign land with no recollection of the past and was that even possible?

I had really missed Selly and Debbie but we were worlds apart now. Only a miracle could bring us together.

We dreamt of so many things together, we wanted to turn our world around, so even at that young age in Senior High School, we planned meticulously towards it.

“These are the rules; no boyfriends, no playing instead of studying, no unnecessary socialization and all disagreement among us should be solved immediately,” I announced to my two girlfriends one morning in class when our lesson teacher had not yet entered the class.

I was the most assertive among them. I ensured that everything was in place and things were done at the right time. Even in class, I took the leadership position and ensured that the class was neat and everyone was ready for studies. I was not the class prefect but I acted as such to the disdain of most people in the classroom.

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“Excellent, may God help us keep the rules,” Selly said after I had announced the rules.

Selly was the fun and outgoing type.  She was loud and sought to voice out her opinion no matter what anyone thought. Anytime some of our classmates got angry at me for being so authoritative even though I wasn’t the class prefect, it was Selly who came to my defence.

As for Debbie, she was the peaceful type. She didn’t want chaos or trouble. So during these times, she would be the one telling Selly to keep quiet and me to pin my buttocks down.

“These are excellent rules. I pray we are able to keep them as they would ensure our success in life,” Debbie  smiled.

“Good. So that’s it, let’s stick to it. Friends for life,” I said joyfully

“Friends for life,” Selly and Debbie chorused excitedly.

“Do you girls have to always behave like you own the class,” Dorothy, one of the annoying girls in the class sneered.

“Do you always have to behave like the burden of the whole world is on you. Relax, life is beautiful, so smile,” Selly shot back.

“Are you foolish? How dare you speak to me like that?” Dorothy said standing up.

I was certain a fight was going to break out but the timely intervention of Miss. Kuma, our English teacher, stopped it. Dorothy eyed Selly who gave her a mocking smile…

To be continued…

Kreative Sandy


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