I was certain a fight was going to break out but the timely intervention of Miss. Kuma, our English teacher, stopped it. Dorothy eyed Selly who gave her a mocking smile.

I wanted to become a lawyer, Selly, a career woman and Debbie, a pediatrician. These were big dreams for us and we needed to achieve it at all cost. We decided to stick to our rules always as that was the only to get to our dreams.

I remember that we kept the rules diligently until Selly decided to go against it. We had gone for Inter-schools competition in another school. Immediately we got to the field, Selly was nowhere to be found. Debbie and I got worried so we searched everywhere for her. Later we saw her talking to this guy.

“So do you have a boyfriend?” The guy asked Selly.

Selly was about to answer but she paused. Debbie and I were standing right behind the guy.

“Ermm… Frank, let’s talk later. I’ve got to go,” She said and joined us.

“Do you remember the rules?” I asked when we had got a place to sit.

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“Yes, I do but the guy is cute,” Selly looked back as if to catch another glance of him.

“It’s not about whether he is cute or not, it’s about achieving our dreams,” I said sternly

“So are you trying to say we can’t have boyfriends if we want to be successful?” Selly asked quite annoyed.

“That’s not it, Selly. But having a boyfriend can distract you from studying, that’s why we made the rules. Remember it’s for our own good,” Debbie placed her arm around her the shoulders.

“Please let’s stick to the rules, after we are successful, we will meet the right person and get married. Friends for life,” I said.

“Friends for life,” Debbie and Selly chorused but Selly voice was very low.

We were not in the same house but we agreed to study an hour after light out before going to bed.

Soon, we were heading towards our final year and were told to apply for leadership positions. Quickly, I went up for the Senior Girls prefect. With the help of my two friends and some of my classmates, even those who thought I was over confident, I got the highest vote and was made the Senior Girls prefect.

As the Senior girl’s prefect, I ensured that things were in order. I ensured that prep time (learning time) was well adhered to and every class was quite during that time.

Any student who reported later before the reopening date too was sanctioned. What pissed most people off was when I also made a rule that no student was to be found in the house or classroom during dinning. Again, everyone had to eat during dinning and if one had a peculiar condition, they were to submit it to the Headmistress and were to be given special food.

The school authorities loved all that were put in place so much so that I was given a citation after my term in office….

To be continued…



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