We had been able to follow the rules and it was time for WASSCE.

We wrote every paper with ease and soon, we had completed Senior High School. That was when we were separated.

However, the principles we set that morning in the classroom proved to be really helpful. You could tell the difference between us and any of our classmates.

We were affable but studious and disciplined. It was, therefore, no surprised when I gained admission to University of Ghana whiles Debbie and Selly got into reputable universities abroad.

We had a whole new life to expect.

****      ****     ****

Several years had passed. I had graduated from law school and had been called to the bar. Selly was working in a reputable firm in USA and Debbie was a pediatrician in a clinic in London. All our dreams had come to pass, yet it felt like there was something missing.

None of us had, at least, experienced our little fantasy of a new day in a foreign land.

“Waking up in a foreign land……that’s just silly,” I smiled at the thought of that.

The car slowed down at the parking lot, we found a place to park. I stepped out of the car and headed for the auditorium. Henry was already ahead of me. He didn’t even care to look back. He walked straight into the auditorium and I followed him.

As soon as we entered, I heard the pastor preaching.

“Forgiveness of sins is something God gives to us when we confess our sins. This means that as a child of God, you need to make it a habit to confess your sins. I always make time to confess my sins every time I pray. Through this way, I am able to receive the mercies of God. We are all sinners and the only way to attain the mercy of God is to admit it and make ourselves accountable unto God,” Pastor Lawrence preached.

I had heard that over and over again. I looked at my watch even though we had just gotten there.

“Why do we even always have to come to church? It seemed that the only thing God is interested in is our sins,” I chuckled slightly.

My mind drifted back to my Senior High School days. Even though, I wanted to know God and serve him, I didn’t want to be associated with any fellowship group.

This was because they made Christianity seem so weird. It was as if you had to dress a certain way, walk a certain way and talk a certain to qualify to be in their circles.

I remember one incident that informed my decision to avoid any Christian association. I was lying on my bed one Sunday afternoon when Debbie and Selly came to my room.

“What are you girls doing here by this time?” I sat on the bed.

Selly climbed the bed and pointed to Debby.

“I just want us to go for fellowship meeting today. Let’s go and hear God’s word. It’s also important,” Debbie said.

My eyes were wide opened.

“Are you surprised? I was too,” Selly giggled.

“This feels new but there’s nothing wrong with trying to get close to God, so why not?” I jumped down and looked for my church dress. In my school, we had to wear our church dress throughout the day on Sundays.

We got to the school chapel and we saw people sitting in groups. We joined one group and throughout the meeting, no one seemed to have noticed us. We didn’t have the bible study booklet, neither did we know the answers to the questions asked, so we sat there quietly as everyone else spoke.

They seemed to know a lot about God and were proud of it. There was one particular guy who seemed very knowledgeable in scriptures. He would quote an entire verse accurately and speak with so much gusto. He spoke about a portion in Psalms where the 7 things that God hates were mentioned. He then admonished us to flee from it. I wondered if he had the ability to completely avoid all of them. He seemed to insinuate that but it was impossible for anyone to do that.

I just sat back and watched, what seemed to me like, an awful display of hypocrisy. Selly just looked around trying to get a glimpse of everyone who was present. It seemed only Debbie was really interested in what was going on. Well, she invited us so she was definitely interested in it.

Finally, there came an opportunity for me to get involved. The leader of the bible study asked that we open to Ephesians 5:1. I took my bible along so I tried to open it. I flipped through and through and flipped some more. I tried all I could but I just couldn’t seem to land on Ephesians.

Finally, I decided to check the Table of content. It was then that I realized that the Lady seated next to me was staring at me. With utter shock and disdain, she asked, “Are you even a Christian?”

I felt so bad. I just knew that that was my last time there.

“Let’s rise to our feet and pray. God is a merciful God and he gladly gives mercy to anyone who asks. Let’s begin to plead for mercy,” Pastor Lawrence interrupted my thoughts.

I reluctantly stood up and joined in the prayers…

To be continued…



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