I screamed in my car which was still parked outside our apartment. I couldn’t contain the joy of knowing that Selly and Debby were going to be in town. At least I was certain of a little fun in my boring life.

*****             ************                       *************

Several weeks later, the three of us were at a restaurant eating and chit chatting. It was such an emotional moment when I went to the airport to meet Selly. We screamed, hugged each other and jumped around like little kids. 

Selly hadn’t changed much. She looked same only that she had gained a little weight. She was still the goofy Selly I knew way back in Senior High School.

The feeling was even more overwhelming when both of us went to meet Debbie at the airport few days later.

It had been two days after Debbie arrived and here we were sitting at the restaurant having a fun time.

“So how was it been, Herty, how’s marriage, work and all?” Debbie asked as we ate.

“Work has been amazing. And concerning marriage, well, you know I married a good man so I can’t complain,” I tried to conceal my pain.

“Good for you. Some of us have been struggling to keep a boyfriend and you have been married for how long?” Selly asked.

“Two years,” I responded.

“Girl, Selly pointed her finger towards me, that’s God’s blessing right there.”

“We all know Herty has always been the lucky one. She has it all. As for me, life has taught me that I can’t have my cake and eat it. I got my dream job in a reputable hospital but the guy I was dating left me because he claimed my job was too demanding. Can you imagine?” Debbie recounted.

“That’s one insecure guy who can’t cope with his lady making it. Forget about him,” Selly snapped and we burst into laughter.

As I thought about what Debbie said, I knew I wasn’t any lucky. My story wasn’t any different, it was even worse. Yet I didn’t want to let it out. I had always been the leader of the group, the one who brought life to the group, I couldn’t let them feel bad for me.

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“Even though I seem all happy, it hasn’t been so rosy for me. Keeping a relationship has been a big deal for me. It seems everyone I date has issues. It just doesn’t seem to work. And recently, my company lost a major deal which took its toll of all of us. I had been really hopeful concerning this deal and it just went down the drain.

“Girls, you know one thing we never do? We never lose hope. Everything would be fine,” I held Selly and Debbie’s hands in a bid to comfort them.

“Girls, life is hard sometimes. It got to a point where I didn’t even want to wake up. After achieving all that we said we’d achieve, why are we still not happy?” Selly stared deeply into my eyes.

“I know life hasn’t been that bad, she pressed, we have good jobs and can afford everything we want but is that all there is to life?” I could see the desperation in her eyes.

“Chasing money and having all the good things of life. Is that all that there is? If it is, then I’m really disappointed,” Selly nodded sadly.

“This was supposed to be a fun time but you girls are ruining it. Do you remember how we used to wish for a new day back in Senior High School? Maybe our little wish is possible. We will surely find the happiness we have been searching for. So I guess this is not all there is to life.”

Selly and I smiled widely. I definitely hadn’t forgotten our little fantasy and I knew Selly hadn’t either.

“But come to think of it, is there anything like a new day? It sounds more like a fairy tale every time I think about it” I asked. Selly and Debbie giggled.

“Wait….wait…I think it’s possible.” We Both looked at Selly intently. It has actually happened to me before….but girls, I woke up and that was the end of it,” Selly said.

“So it was a dream?” Debby quizzed.

“Yep. Imagine dreaming about a dream. That’s how impossible it looks like.”

We all burst into laughter…

To be continued…




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