“Yep. Imagine dreaming about a dream. That’s how impossible it looks like.”

We all burst into laughter

****            *****         ******

As the weeks passed, things between Henry and I got worst. I would mostly cry my pain out. The pain had been so unbearable that I had to call my mum. She encouraged me and told me things will be fine.

“Keep seeing your gynaecologist. There will surely be a way for you to conceive. We are not barren women. We are very fruitful,” She had said.

“Herty, pray for him too. Prayer is the way to solve such problems. Spend time in prayer for yourself and your husband.”

“Okay mummy. Extend my greetings to everyone,” That was how the call ended.

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I hadn’t prayed in a long while. I wasn’t even sure if I could do it. That evening, however, I took the effort to pray a little.

****   ****  ****

I expected things to be different after three days of consistently praying concerning my marriage but my expectations were dashed.

“See, I’m not the only factor in producing a child. You can’t always make me feel bad for something that’s supposed to come from both of us. Henry, I’m tired of all your accusations,” I snapped, when Henry, once again, bluntly called me barren.

“Tired of which accusations? I’m not accusing you, I’m only telling you the truth. You are barren and you have to do something about it else…”

“Else what, Henry, else what?”

“Else I will go in for someone else. Someone who can actually give birth,” He said and walked out. I slumped into a sofa in exasperation.

Selly and Debbie walked in a few minutes later. We had planned to spend Sunday evening at my house.

A lot of questions shot through my mind.

“Did they see Henry walk out angrily?” “Did they hear what just went on?” “Should I pretend nothing happened?”  “Should I lie about the whereabout of Henry?” What if they heard and saw it all?”

All these questions clouded my mind before I could respond to Selly’s greetings.

“Girlfriend, are you okay?” Debbie asked out of concern.

“I’m fine dear,” I replied with a faint smile.

“What’s up with Henry, he seemed quite angry?” Selly asked. Debbie looked at her as if to say, ‘I told you not to mention it’. Selly gave her the ‘I’m curious’ look.

“Girls, to be truthful, things are not that rosy between Henry and I. We haven’t been able to conceive and Henry is always on my case. He blames me for not having a child.

He even threatened to go in for another woman. Is that fair, tell me, is that fair?” I asked with tears in my eyes staring at Selly as though the answer I needed was in her eyes.

“Come here girl.” Selly put her arm around me and let me put my head on her chest. “Everything will be fine, don’t worry,” She consoled.

The night didn’t go as expected but I was relieved because I was able to share my heart with Selly and Debbie. They advised me to be calm and not make any hasty decision.

*****   *****

It was a new week. The sun was already out. The sun rays were making their way through the window. I opened my eyes faintly. The moment the sun rays fell on my eyes, I jerked out of bed. I checked the time and it was pas 6am. I knew I was already late.

I quickly dashed into the bathroom. 30minutes later, I was on my way to work. Several thoughts flooded my mind. I realized that last night was one time that I had really enjoyed my sleep.

Sharing my pain with Selly and Debbie last night really proved to be medicinal. It had a lot of impact on me that I didn’t even realize. My long sleep last night could be attributed to that. It was a new week and I was all gingered up for a great week.

I settled at my office about to start work when a call came through…

To be continued…




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