A STUDY ON PSALM 51:9-11……5


We are one Spirit with the Lord. We are joined together in such a way that you cannot determined where we end and where God begins. We are mixed together as one. That’s why God cannot leave you. He’s one with your Spirit.

When you understand this, you will not cry to God not to take his Spirit from you. He already said, he will never leave you nor forsake you.

The Holy Spirit is in us as our helper. No fit helper leaves at the moment when his help is needed. When you sin, that’s when you need the help of the Holy Spirit most. That’s when you need him to show you that you are forgiven in Christ and made righteous. He is our helper not our fault finder.

Your sins do not drive the Holy Spirit away. Engaging in certain acts of sin can defile your conscience. It can make you feel so condemn that you can’t hear from the Spirit of God or sense his presence in you. However, it doesn’t mean he has left. It doesn’t mean, he isn’t talking or leading you. It means you can’t hear him because your mind is clouded with guilt and condemnation.

This is why it is necessary to stay your mind on what Christ has done for you through his sacrifice continually. When you do so, even when you do wrong, you will accept your wrong and declare your forgiveness in Christ (See my series, ‘Already forgiven’ on www.kreativesandy.com for more understanding on this). This will embolden you to yield to the Spirit of God without any condemnation.

Beloved, you are not like David under the Old Testament. It was okay for him to pray for God to hide his face from his sin and create a clean heart in him. He was right to pray for God not to take his Spirit away from him. However, these are our realities in Christ.

In Christ, we are forgiven, God doesn’t count our sins against us. We have been made new creatures and the Spirit of God is with us forever.

The next time, you are tempted to quote this verse as a prayer point, pause for a moment and realize that these are not prayer points for the child of God. They are our realities in Christ. Note that you don’t have to pray for what you already have. You just have to acknowledge and enjoy it.

You are deeply loved!



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