Ken is holding a loaf of bread. He sits in a chair in front of the house, starts whistling and starts eating the bread.

Bernard walks in…

Bernard: Arh, Ken I heard you came to buy bread at my mum’s shop.

Ken: Oh yeah, you can take some (he stretches the bread towards him)

Bernard: Charle, that’s not why I came. Where’s the money for the bread?

Ken: Money? Oh Ernest paid for it for me.

Bernard: But is Ernest the one eating the bread?

Ken: He bought it for me. Why, what’s your problem.

Bernard: I wasn’t there when he paid for it, so you need to pay again. Charle, give me the money.

Ken: Arh, I should give you which money? Ernest has already paid for it, so which money again?

Bernard: The money for the bread you are enjoying of course.

Ken: You don’t have anything doing. Stand there and be saying, “Give me my money, give me my money”(mimics him). Ernest has paid for the bread, I should pay again, for what? Mtcheew….(look away and continues eating the bread)

This is how we ought to act when the devil suggests thoughts that we have to pay our sins again. Christ has already paid the price for our sins. We need not pay for our sins again. All we need to do is to enjoy the righteousness that God has freely provided for us through Christ. 2 Corinthian 5:21 says Jesus became sin that we might become the righteousness of God. We are made righteous on just grounds because Jesus paid for our sins. Being convinced about what Christ has done gives you the right attitude, you ignore the wrong thoughts from the devil and enjoy the blessing of righteousness which result in the fruit of the Spirit which is love in all goodness.

By: Kreative Sandy


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