“AM I LIVING UNDER A CURSE?” by Clement Boamah


‘Am I living under a curse?’ is a book filled with the truth concerning your freedom from curses as a child of God.

Many people are crippled by the fear that a curse may be hovering over their heads causing them to experience misfortunes. In this book, the author in a simple but detailed way, shows how the child of God has been irreversibly blessed making it impossible for him or her to be cursed.

In shedding light on the truth that the child of God has freedom from curses through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the author touches on the following topics:

  • The deception many have about being under a curse either from God or man.
  • The question of whether God curses or not.
  • The curse of the law.
  • Can a child of God be cursed?
  • Are women cursed with pains associated with labour?
  • What about curses attached to not paying tithe?
  • The importance of focusing on who you are in the Spirit as a child of God
  • The essence of believing in what God says about you as against any other report.
  • The blessed life in Christ and the glorious liberty of the child of God.

The truth contained in this book is hardly heard. If you desire to know the truth concerning the freedom of the child of God from curses and all that God has accomplished for you through his sacrifice on the cross, then this is the book for you. It will liberate you from the wrong ideas you have consciously or unconsciously believed which is causing you to experience many awful things.

As the author, Clement Boamah wrote, “The truth is that there is no curse on the life of any born again believer except that we are living with a “curse mentality”. Get rid of the curse mentality and experience the freedom you have in Christ.

Wherever you are in Ghana and beyond, you can purchase a copy of this all new book. Contact the following numbers to grab your copy:

Accra & outside Ghana: +233551718280

Kumasi: +233546418368

Obuasi: +233541736724

Koforidua: +233248824282




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