Dave: See, in this Life, if you don’t forgive and do good to others, don’t expect God to be good to you. If you are not living right, don’t expect God to bless you.

Nat: Why would you say that?

Dave: God doesn’t condone sin, so if you are doing wrong, he has to pay you back.

Nat: I see… Yet you say he’s a good God.

Dave: Yeah, God is good.

Nat: Really? He’s good but won’t hesitate to hold people’s faults against them. What’s the difference between this God who bears grudges and pays back and people who also bear grudges and revenge? They seem the same. If you call those people wicked, then you can’t call God good.

Nat: A God who cannot forgive wrongs unconditionally or love or bless unconditionally cannot be said to be exceptionally good or any spectacular being. After all, we are all good to people who are good to us and pay back people who do us wrong. If God is like that, then he’s just like us, he’s no different or exceptionally good as you put it.

Dave: So you mean it’s okay for people to live in sin and get away with it?

Nat: Not at all, I’m just saying that God is good and in his goodness, he sent Jesus to take the punishment for our sins. If Jesus has already taken the punishment for our sins, then God is unjust to punish us for the same sin. We don’t have to continue in sin and that is not because we fear punishment rather because we have been forgiven and made new. Our new nature doesn’t allow for certain things.

Dave: You people just use grace to cover your bad acts?

Nat: Dave, that’s not the point. Let us not see God in the light of the dispensation of the law. The sacrifice of Jesus changed everything. God no longer deals with man according to the law(deeds) but according to his grace in Christ. If God is good, then he’s good. He forgives us whether we ask for forgiveness or not.

Nat: This empowers us to forgive others whether they ask us for forgiveness or not. Again, God blesses us whether we deserve it or not and we in turn do same. We do good because God, our Father, is good and does good to us whether we do good or do wrong.

By: Kreative Sandy


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