LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two (Episode 32)


“I tell you. God is increasing our reach. Through us, He is doing His mighty works.”

We spent time talking to people on campus about Christ Conference after church service the next day. This was because we were convinced that only the gospel of Christ could change lives.

I remembered how I condemned some people last semester when we went for evangelism. Now my life has been transformed and I was going to tell people about a love God.

A thought came to me that we go visit Raymond, but I wasn’t sure if he was around or had left for home. So we went to other halls and rooms preaching the gospel to people and inviting them to Christ conference.

The following day as we prepared for class, someone whatsapp Laudes.

“Eeei so Humphrey is still alive,” she said aloud.

“Why, what has he done?” I asked curiously.

“Come and see, he has sent me a message saying he’s sorry for what he did,” Laudes said.

“Hmm! So what are you going to do?” Anita asked.

“What more can I do? I’ve already forgiven him. I’m just surprised at how he could disappear just like that,” Laudes said.

“So is he going to refund the money?” Bertha asked. Anita and I turned to look at her in an unpleasant way.

“Well, I was just asking,” Bertha said when she understood what we were communicating by our looks.

Anita’s phone rang at that moment.

“Hello Nana, how are you?” Anita said sweetly.

We started giggling.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Nana said.

“Okay, you’re coming to Accra for the program right?” She asked.

“Yes, I will be coming,” He said.

“Okay that would be great,” Anita replied.

“So I would see you when you come,” Nana said.

“Sure,” Anita

“Okay bye,” said Nana

“Bye,” Anita replied.

“Eeei your husband is coming for the program?” Bertha asked.

“Yeah, he said he would be coming,” Anita responded.

“Then you can perform the marriage rites when he comes,” I said and we burst into laughter.

“Anita stop deceiving innocent Nana. Why are you giving him hope that something can happen between you too?” Laudes said as she fidgeted with her phone at the same time.

“Really? Am I giving him hope? I’m just being nice, that’s all,” Anita said.

“Being nice could suggest to him that you are interested in him,” I said.

“Okay, so I won’t pick his calls. I won’t talk and laugh with him. I won’t be nice to him again,” Anita said.

“Haha! I think you should keep being nice to him but of course, he deserves to know your real intention,” Bertha advised.

“Alright girls, your advice is well received,” Anita said.

*****                 *******                        *******

The day for Christ Conference finally came. The hall was half filled even before the slated time. Many people both on campus and outside campus came. No one wanted to miss it. We sat down at a convenient place where we could join in all the activities.

Prayers began immediately it was time, followed by worship and praises. Soon it was time for the message. As the MC introduced Pastor Emmanuel to speak, my eyes fell on someone who looked familiar.

I looked again and there was Raymond. He was seated behind not to far from where we sat. A couple of guys sat beside him. I guess those were the friends he invited. However, he looked different. It was as if his beard had suddenly grown and he wore a cap. One could hardly recognise him unless they knew him closely.

“Has he intentionally done that to disguise himself?” I thought to myself.

“Put your hands together as we welcome Pastor Emmanuel,” The MC said on a high note interrupting my thoughts…

To be continued…

Life In The City Season Two ends Next week.

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