LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two (Episode 34)


Paul asked in Romans 8:35, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” The answer is nothing!”

There was another round of screams in the auditorium.

However, he continued, many of us think our sins can separate us from the love of the Father.
Did the son not sin against his father when he demanded his inheritance when his Father was still alive?

On top of that, he squandered the money and was coming home empty handed, tattered and smelly. Yet when he had said or done nothing, the Father run to him, embraced and kissed him.

I don’t know what you have done, but God still loves you. He loves you even in your mess. You would realize that God did not demonstrate his love to us when we were righteous or turning away from our sins.

Romans 5:8 says that God demonstrated his love to us when we were still sinners and he sent Jesus to die for us.

God is not waiting for you to do right before he loves you. Even now, he loves you. No matter your mess he loves you and is ready to receive you into his arms. He’s not disqualifying you, so don’t qualify yourself.

“While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. I don’t know your situation, you may have never felt loved by anyone so you may think no one can love you freely. Let me assure you that God loves you with no strings attached.

Child of God, if He so loved you to the point of death when you were a sinner, then He so loves you always now that you are His child.

If you are not born again yet, God doesn’t need you to obey some commandments or live a certain way before He embraces you as His child. He is inviting you to receive his life. He is inviting to embrace His unconditional love.

This is the only life that can heal your soul, set you free from every bad lifestyle and make you a vessel of blessing unto others,” Pastor Emmanuel said as he brought his message to an end.

I turned to look at where Raymond was sitting and saw his head on the chair in front of him. I don’t know why he put his head on the chair but I was certain the message should have answered his questions.

Pastor Emmanuel asked that those who would like to receive Jesus should walk forward. Several people went forward and among them was Raymond. I was so glad that he was finally ready to receive Jesus.

After the conference, I was with Bertha, Anita and Laudes as well as Pastor Abraham and Emmanuel when I saw Raymond.

“This is a good time to introduce Raymond to them,” I thought.

I called him and he turned. I walked to him and asked him to meet my friends.

“This is Raymond the guy I’ve been talking about,” I said introducing him to my three friends as well as Pastor Abraham and Emmanuel.

I saw expressions of shock on the faces of Anita, Bertha and Laudes.

“Humphrey!” Laudes called out.

“Is he the Humphrey guy who duped Laudes?” I thought to myself. Then a thousand and one questions began to flood my mind.

“Humphrey is that you? So you are the Raymond all along?” Laudes asked in shock.

“Hahahaha, Raymond, Humphrey, tell us, which is your real name?” Patrick said as he joined us from behind.

“I can explain everything,” Raymond said….

To be continued….

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  1. Hahahaha…what a world we are in now. Perhaps Raymond too might not be his name oo. I now understand why he never wanted to meet Alaba after church service.
    Anyway it’s very good he has accepted Christ now.

  2. This story has really impacted sumtin into me.aside our lives styles in Christianity there’s also other life style in *Christ* has leds us into salvation


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