LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two (Episode 35)


“I can explain everything,” Raymond said.

“Alright guys, this is not the right place for this. Let’s go to my room,” Pas. Abraham suggested.

“My actual name is Humphrey. But I was a little ashamed at what I had done to Laudes, so I decided to change my name temporarily. The truth is that I didn’t plan to dupe Laudes. I liked her, I wanted to know her more and possibly date her. But when I found out that she was from a wealthy home, I decided to take advantage of it. I’m really sorry,” Raymond explained.

“So you wanted to dupe Araba too right?” Patrick asked.

“Yes, he said after some hesitation, that was my initial intention. But Araba invited me to church. On the first day, I decided to go just to impress her and get her attention. But there was something about the message preached that night. It was similar to this morning’s message.

It hit me so hard and got me thinking. So I decided to leave the church early even before Araba could find me. After that night, I decided to be coming often to know more about it. I knew that Laudes would be around because she told me about coming to church. So I didn’t want to stay around for her to see me,” Raymond narrated.

“I’ve been duping people for a long time but that night at church got me thinking. I didn’t know God could love someone like me after all I’ve gone through and done. But now that I’ve found out, I have received him into my heart and I’m willing to do anything he wants me to do,” Raymond added.

There was this sincerity in his eyes that everyone noticed.

“Laudes, please forgive me, I’m truly sorry. I would refund the money please,” Raymond said kneeling.

“It’s alright, I’ve already forgiven you,” Laudes said.

“Araba, please forgive me too for hiding my true identity from you” he said turning to me.

“It’s alright, I’ve forgiven you, please get up,” I said.

“Humphrey, I’m glad that you accepted Jesus today. We are always available to help you grow in Christ. You got one of the books we shared for the new converts right?” Pastor Abraham asked.

“Yes,” He responded.

“Good. So read it and if you have any questions, you can let us know,” Pastor Abraham assured.

“Also, know that God loves you and has forgiven you so forgive yourself. There’s a lot in store for you, okay,” Pastor Emmanuel added.

“Thank you all so much,” He said.

After settling the issue, we went back to the auditorium except for Patrick and Humphrey who went their various ways.

We met Kay, Paa Kwesi, Nana Yaw and the other folks from the village. It was so refreshing to see them again.

We got to know that the ministry was doing well in the hands of Kay. The young people were loving the gospel and as they embraced it, their lives were being transformed. We were so grateful to God for what He had done through us.

We talked with them for a while and went out to a restaurant to eat. They told us that they would leave the next day.

“Wow, this is intriguing. So the Raymond you were disturbing us with was the same Humphrey we knew. Eeei, this is so wonderful,” Laudes commented when we entered our room after spending time with Kay and the rest of the folks from the village.

“It’s really intriguing but we thank God he has received Christ,” Anita said.

“Yeah, soon, he will be influencing his friends to also come to know Christ,” I added.

“God is always good. Look at such a beautiful ending. Who ever thought Humphrey could receive Christ?” Bertha said.

“I know right? No one is beyond salvation. Everyone can be saved,” Laudes said.

We all nodded.

The next day, Humphrey sent fivehundred cedis to Laudes. We were in the room when she showed the message to us. He promised to send the rest of the money soon…

To be continued…

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  1. This episode has really thought me that as a believer, forgiving shouldn’t be problem to you if you really know your identity in Christ. Looking at what Humphrey did, he was still forgiven if not of the gospel of Grace, no one will forgive someone like Humphrey.


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