LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two (Episode 36)


The next day, Humphrey sent looking five hundred cedis to Laudes. We were in the room when he showed the message to us. He promised to send the rest of the money soon.

******               *******                     *****

“Araba, thanks so much for being a channel through which God reached out to me. I now have hope that something good can come out of my life,” Humphrey said when we met in the library the following day.

“It’s a pleasure Humphrey. I’m so glad you’ve heard the gospel and accepted Christ. I did something really bad when I came to the city. I felt messed up and thought God couldn’t love me but I was proved wrong.”

“Really, you? You did something wrong?” Humphrey asked.

“You know Patrick right?” I asked.

“Yeah, we used to be friends,” he said.

“I dated him last two semesters.”

“Really? So why did you break up?”

“Hmm…a lot happened that I can’t share with you right now.

“I see. Did he use and dump you? That’s his lifestyle. I don’t know if he has changed.”

“Mmm…it’s a whole lot. I did something terrible.”

“I see.”

“I went through a tough time as my conscience wouldn’t let me rest. I thought I was even going to die. I actually wanted to kill myself.

But my three friends…”


“They spoke to Pas Abraham about it and he started speaking to me about how God loves me unconditionally. I was set free finally during last semester’s Christ Conference. Pastor Emmanuel spoke about how God does not condemn us no matter what we did.

He used the story of the woman caught in adultery to illustrate it like he used the story of the prodigal son during this semester’s conference. I had a revelation of God’s unconditional love for me and it set me free. It gave me the strength to forgive Patrick. Later, I had the opportunity to lead him to Christ.”

“Wow! What an awesome testimony. There’s not a single trace of all that you went through.”

” Yeah, I was totally transformed. “Metamorphosed” is the right word.”

“Haha! So God can do same for me right?”

“Of course! Just keep hearing the Word of Grace and your transformation would come to light.”

“Wow, if I ever knew of a God who loved me this much, I wouldn’t have messed up like that.”

“Now you have all the time to know Him more and more, so don’t worry.”

“Amen. You know what? Give this to Laudes. It’s the rest of the money I took from her.”

“Okay. I will give it to her. So tell me, Laudes was the lady you were talking to me about in the library, right?”

“Yeah. But I guess she would want nothing to do with me right? I’m not even thinking about that now. Now I want to know more and more about this love God. I’ve been reading the book that was given to me during the conference. It’s so revealing and refreshing. I don’t even want to study my school books anymore. But I know I have to right?”

“Yeah, you should. During vacation, you would have a lot of time to read it more.”

“Yeah that’s true. Thanks so much once again. You’re such an angel. I wish I could even marry you.”

“Have you ever heard of angels getting married?”

” Well, I could set the record.”

” Haha…If wishes were horses, men like Humphrey would ride!”



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  1. Comment: Wow I really love this series it projects life and the issues we face and also what the gospel does to people .

    it really amazing the gospel and how it affect lives is communicated in here .
    I am inspired to tell others about this God.

  2. Wow! Indeed there’s not a single trace of our past. We are totally lost in Christ! For the Gospel is the only message that shapes, breaks addictions &transform lives!. Praise God

  3. Glory!!! God bless you Sandy, for this story full of lessons and blessing. I’ve really learn a lot from this story, my pain is that it has ended.
    I learnt that whatever happens in life we must forgive as Christ has forgiven us no matter the situation, and by so doing we can win those who have wronged us to Christ, just like what happened in the story. (Patrick and Humphrey). Good work done Sandy, God bless.
    And also am so happy to the winner on this great platform, and i believe by winning this, the winning will continue in my life all the time in Jesus name.

  4. I love ❤️ everything about the story.Minister Sandy I bless God for your life.You are deeply loved.I learnt a lot;Change does not come by the quality of what you HOLD but the quality of who you BEHOLD.Jesus Christ is our mirror.We behold Him to see our true selves.
    Our forgiveness is not apology -based,Our forgiveness is blood-based
    I also learnt there is one person who forgave all our sins,His name is Jesus Christ ,But there is still one more person who has to forgive you
    His name is You.I have learnt to forgive myself.
    The gospel indeed reveals who we are in Christ.Im really blessed by this season.??????


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