LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two( Episode 4)


It was a refreshing time sharing the gospel with them. However, as the days went by, it got to a point where my parents did not agree to some of the things we discussed. It was, however, expected. We, therefore, had to find a way to get them to understand it.

Pastor Abraham gathered all of us except my parents and siblings and spoke to us concerning the situation.

“You see, the gospel is good news. No one would hear good news and want to reject it. People resist the good news because of religious strongholds in their mind. They have believed the wrong thing for a long time so much so that when they hear the truth, they think it is a lie. So we are going to make time to pray for them,” Pastor Abraham said to us.

“Paul prayed in Ephesians 1:18-19 that God will grant to us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation that we will know the hope of his calling and the riches of his inheritance in the saints. This is a prayer we all need. It is by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation that they will be convinced about this gospel we are sharing. So we will spend time praying along these lines,” Pastor Emmanuel added.

Every morning from 5am to 7am, we prayed for my parents and siblings as well as the people in my village. The prayers coupled with the bible study helped a lot. My parents were now becoming receptive to the gospel. It started with my Father. He was the one to argue after every first sentences from any of us. Now he was curious, he wanted to understand more.

“So you mean that God loves us even when we don’t do everything right?” My father asked when we were discussing the love of God.

“Mr. Baidoo, please do all your children live up to your expectation?” Pastor Abraham asked.

“Not all the time, they sometimes do things I don’t like,” He responded.

“Do you still love them in spite of that?” Pastor. Abraham probed.

My dad hesitated, he had got the impulse of the question.

“Yes, I still love them because they are still my children,” He responded.

“So why do we think that God will hate us when we do wrong? With all due respect, daddy, don’t you think God is a better father than you or any other father in the world?” Pastor Abraham asked.

Mr. Baidoo was quiet.

I nudged Pastor Abraham lightly to signal to him to stop. I felt he was being too direct but he ignored it.

“No man is a better father than God. God is more loving than any father in this world. If earthly fathers won’t hate and sack their children when they do wrong, then God won’t do that. 1 Corinthians 13:4 says Love is patient. If God is love, then he’s patient with us even when we don’t live as we ought to,” Pastor Abraham added.

“You’ve spoken well, my son. I’m getting it now,” My father responded.

I turned to look at Anita and our eyes met.

“That means that even though we do things that God doesn’t like, he doesn’t hate us. It’s just like how mothers are to their children, even if they hurt you, you still love them,” My mother said expressing his understanding.

“That’s true ma. God’s love is even greater than a mother’s love. In desperate times, a mother can reject her children but God will never leave us nor forsake us,” Laudes added.

“I think I understand what you are saying now,” My mum said.

Gradually, my parents were understanding the gospel. Ernest was also catching up. Because he was shy, he usually asked me questions when I was alone. I was glad, the change was beginning from my home…..

To be continued…

By: Kreative Sandy

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