LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two ( Episode 7)


“So why do you think that you have to be good and always be at Church before God can heal your daughter?” Pastor Emmanuel asked.

“God is good and he is good to us just because he is good. It’s not about whether we have done everything right or not. It’s about his goodness and love for us. God’s goodness is not about how good we are. It’s all about how good he is,” Pastor Emmanuel explained.

Maame Mansah nodded.

“That’s why he sent Jesus to die for us even when we were sinners. He loves you and your daughter so much that he sent Jesus to die for both of you. If he could send Jesus to take your sins to give you eternal life, then he can heal you. That is why I’m very certain that your daughter is healed and she will soon feel fine.” Pastor Emmanuel added.

“Amen. Thank you so much,” Maame Mansah said.

“Glory to God,” Pastor Emmanuel responded.

“So Maame Mansah, Jesus died to save you from sin and to make you his child. You just have to believe in him to be saved. I’m sure you may have been told that when your good deeds are more than your bad deeds, then you will go to heaven. That is not true. Our goods deeds can never take us to heaven. The Bible says our works of righteousness are as filthy rags to the Lord. All you need to do is to believe in Jesus.

When you believe in the Lord Jesus, you are saved and you become a child of God. God gives you his life. So Maame Mansah, do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and resurrected to give you his life?” Pastor Abraham asked.

Maame Mansah nodded and responded, “Yes, I believe”

“Glory to God. If you believe then you are saved as the bible says. I will help you make a declaration of your salvation right now if you are ready,” Pastor Abraham said.

“I am ready,” She said.

“Okay. Say this after me, “Father God, thank you for the gift of Salvation. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and resurrected to give me his life. I am born again, I am a child of God and I have eternal life. Hallelujah! ”

Maame Mansah repeated after him.

After the prayer, I was introducing my friends to Maame Mansah when we heard a cough from the direction of the little girl. Maame Mansah rushed to her side.

“She’s awake and her temperature is normal,” She screamed after examining her.

“Ma, I will drink water,” The little girl said.

“Get her something to eat as well,” I said.

Maame Mansah rushed to get food and water for her. Then with shouts of joy, danced around the compound. It was at that moment that her husband rushed into the compound with a hoe on his shoulder.

“How’s my daughter doing? Do we have to rush her to the Clinic again?” He asked as he entered the compound.

“No, you don’t have to. Sarah is fine,” I said smiling.

He touched his daughter to feel her temperature. The he asked her how she was doing. The four-year old girl responded that she was fine.

Excited, he thanked us profusely. We shared the gospel with him too and led him to receive Christ. They were so thankful that we visited them at that crucial moment….

To be continued….

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