LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two (Episode One)


We arrived at my village in the evening. We were met by my brother Ernest and his two friends at the bus stop. They helped with our luggage to the house.

On our way to my house, my friends couldn’t stop looking around. Most of the buildings there were made from mud. Only a few houses were plastered with cement. My Father’s house was among the few. Although it was built with mud, it had been plastered with cement. It was a house of about 8 rooms built in a circle with a cemented compound within.

When we got home, my parents were waiting for us. They had prepared a nice meal for us after the tiring journey. We retired to our rooms after they had welcomed us and freshened up. Then we gathered around bowls of fufu and soup to eat.

We chatted and laugh as we ate. Pastor Abraham thought that my mum’s soup was very nutritious since it was cooked with fresh vegetables. We agreed because the vegetables used in my house were taken directly from my grandfather’s farm that he left for my father. It was fresh and void of unnecessary chemicals.

“Look at how you are talking about the soup, yet if we tell you to come and settle here, you will object to it,” Pastor Emmanuel said teasingly.

“Well, if I’m motivated enough I can stay here. I would need a fully furnished apartment, a cocoa farm, some plots of Lands….then I can decide to settle here,” Pastor Abraham replied.

“That’s just a way of saying you would never stay here because you know nobody here will give you all that you are mentioning,” Pastor Emmanuel added.

“Miracles do happen, my brother,” Pastor Abraham said and we burst into laughter.

After our meal, my little sisters and cousins came around to see if I bought something for them. I went to my luggage and brought out the biscuits I had bought for them. They took it and ran around the compound excitedly. After eating, we prayed and went to bed.

The next day, we spent time praying and sharing the word among ourselves. We had almost three months to get the gospel established in the young people. We planned to very deliberate in ensuring that every single person in the village got to know about the gospel.

That very night, we went to the Village square when the moon was out to get familiar with the village. It was during that time that the children and youth came out to play, sing and dance. We gathered around and watched the different games being played. We saw groups of young people in circles either dancing or singing or reciting some rhymes.

We focused on one particular game because of the loud songs they sang. The boys and girls squatted and formed a big circle. One boy stood outside the circle holding an object. He ran around the circle as they sang songs.

The whole idea of the game was that he would place the object behind someone at random and keep running around the circle. If the person doesn’t notice it and he goes round and gets to person’s spot again, he would hit his back to signal him or her that the object has been placed behind him. Then he would occupy the person’s spot and the other boy or girl would run around the circle and continue the process.

As we watched them that night, one boy placed the object behind another tall boy. The tall boy did not notice it. The boy went around the circle and hit his back when he got to his spot. The tall boy quickly stood up and took the object and attempted to run. Unfortunately, he fell with everyone bursting into laughter. Not perturbed, he stood up and continued with the game. We all laughed excitedly.

“Emmanuel, I hope you learnt something from that? Never give up,” Pastor Abraham teased and we burst into another round of laughter.

The next day after a time of prayer, we sat down and made clear our line of strategy. We would pray and share the Word among ourselves in the morning, move around the houses in my village and share the gospel with them. Then we would share the gospel with my parents and siblings in the evening. We all agreed to the plan and availed ourselves for it. We were set for impact and nothing could stop us.

To be continued…

By: Kreative Sandy.

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  1. Plots of land eh, i dont believe pastor Abraham can weedoo. Village life is another level. There’s always something to learn in the mess. There’s hope whiles there’s life.


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