LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 13)


“So are you saying we don’t have to do anything at all to be righteous?” Kay finally spoke up.

“Exactly Kay, read Romans 3:28”
Romans 3:28
Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.

Then read Romans 4:4-5
Romans 4:4-5 (NLT)
When people work, their wages are not a gift, but something they have earned. But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work, but because of their faith in God who forgives sinners.

“You see, faith in Christ is enough to receive the righteousness of God,, no works are needed.” Pastor Abraham had told him.

Kay nodded. Apparently, he was seeing the truth of it.

“Hmm! If this is true then it means that we can do anything we want, after all, we are righteous,” Kay commented.

We all smiled. We knew that this question meant Kay was really understanding what we were saying.

“Kay, Pastor Abraham said, when you receive the righteousness of God through faith, it becomes your nature. This means that your nature changes from sin to righteousness. You would not want to sin if you know you have a righteous nature.

The truth is that whether you sin or not, the righteousness of God still remains your nature. It doesn’t change. However, you don’t have to engage in sin. You don’t have to make a practice of sin. Do you know why?” Pastor Abraham asked.

“No please!” Kay answered.

“It is because you have a righteous nature. Your righteous nature makes you dead to sin. In Romans 6:1, Paul asked a rhetorical question. He asked, ” How can we who are dead to sin still live in it?” The “sin nature” that dominated you and made you a slave to sin has been replaced with a new righteous nature that makes you a slave to righteousness. How can you continue in sin when you are conscious that you are dead to sin?

The truth is that you are separated from sin as far as the east is from the West. You are joined to God in such a way that you cannot be separated. This is what it means to be dead to sin and alive unto it God or it. Until you are conscious of this, you would think that living in sin is okay, after all you are the righteousness of God. No! Living in sin is never okay because your righteous nature does not allow for that.

This is why Paul admonishes us to change the way we see ourselves. The way you see yourself is really important, that’s why Romans 6:11 says we should reckon ourselves dead to sin but alive to God. This means that we are to consider ourselves separated from sin and joined to Christ.

The truth is that if you see yourself as joined to Christ, you wouldn’t want to engage in sin for the mere fact that you are under grace.” Pastor Abraham explained.

“Hmm, I see, Kay commented.”

“Yes Kay, how you see yourself would go a long way to affect how you behave. People think the gospel preached in its purest form is a licence to sin. However, that is not true. If we understand that God doesn’t just forgive us but make us new beings when we accept Christ, it would change our perception. We would not see the grace of God as a licence to sin.

A new being means a new life and a new life means a new nature. A new nature means a new lifestyle. A new lifestyle is the result of embracing our new life in Christ and developing a consciousness of it. That you have a permanent new life and nature in Christ doesn’t mean sin has now become okay. Your very life and nature would show you that acts of sin are no longer beneficial.

That you have insured your car doesn’t mean that you should go driving anyhow. Understanding that your life is precious means that you always have to be careful how you drive. However, what the insurance does is that it gives you a sense of rest and peace knowing that even in a critical moment, when you hit you car against something, all is not lost yet.

That we are the righteousness of God doesn’t mean we can sin all we want. Understanding the life and nature that we have in Christ means that we do not have to make a practice of sin. The knowledge of God’s love and grace gives us a sense of rest and peace knowing that, even if we miss the mark, we haven’t lost our righteousness in Christ.

“Wow, this sounds too good to believe,” Kay remarked….

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