LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 16)


“Talking about righteousness, my question is, if we are really righteous as the bible says, then why do we still sin?” Joseph asked.

“As I was explaining, we are righteous in the spirit. When we accepted Christ, it is our spirit that experienced salvation. It was our Spirit that was made new. It is our spirit that was made righteous. However, there are other parts of us such as our soul (which includes our mind, will and emotions) and our body.

Our souls did not become new at new birth. For instance, you did not forget everything that you knew after you got born again. You still had the old thoughts and desires. Again, your body too did not become new. For instance, your complexion and height remained the same after you got born again.

Our souls still contain the old thoughts patterns of the old man. That is why we still sin. It is because our minds have not grasped the change that has happened in the Spirit, so it continues thinking the old way and the body follows suit,” Pastor Emmanuel paused and allowed him to think about it a little.

“So what we are to do is to renew our mind. That is, we replaced the old pattern of thoughts with new thoughts of who we are in the spirit. The result of renewing the mind is that we are transformed from inside out. So it is very possible to be righteous in the Spirit and commit acts of sin in the physical because of an unrenewed mind. Renewing of mind is a process that goes on as we study the Word, make declarations of our identity in Christ, pray in the Spirit etc,” Pastor Emmanuel added.

“I see. All these are very new to me so it will take time to understand. Thank you all so much. I now know that God loves me and I’m righteous. That has set me free,” Joseph said.

We were glad to hear that. We held hands and prayed with him.

We started going out to speak with the other young people in the village. I came into contact with one lady, Vivian. Her Father was an elder in the local church in my village.

I spoke at length with her and realized that, although, she had been in church since childhood, she wasn’t happy. I asked her why and she answered that she was unsure about who God is and her relationship with him. She explained that, although, she had served in church since a young age, she didn’t feel like she had done enough.

I spoke to her and let her know that her acceptance with God was based on her trust in Jesus Christ and not in her service in the church.

“Vivian, if you want to relate with God based on how good you are and what you do at church, chances are that, you would get tired and frustrated as you are now. You see, what God really desires is you and not what you do for him. That is why he sent Jesus to die for you so that you can be his child,” I explained and she nodded.

I added, “God wants to relate with you as his child and not as a servant. So if you have accepted Jesus Christ, then you are a child of God and the Father accepts you as his child. This is not because of anything you have done but because you have trusted in Jesus Christ. So you can rest assured that God is not mad at you, he is madly in love with you. If you would receive this and rest in him, you would find joy, peace and the strength to even do more for him.”

“Thank you so much sis. Araba, I feel relieved now because of what you told me. I felt afraid that God was angry at me and wanted to punish me for not doing enough for him. Thank you for showing me the truth,” Vivian said.

“Yes Vivian. It is God who works in us to desire and do his will. All you have to do is to yield to him. Working out of your efforts is what the bible calls dead works. They are works that mean nothing to God. God doesn’t want you trying to serve him by your own efforts. He wants you to yield to him so that he can produce good works through you. So rest assured knowing that God loves and is not demanding from you. He has given you himself and wants to be the one to work through you,” I explained.

“Wow, thank you so much, sis Araba,” Vivian said.

“You’re welcome, my dear,” I said and prayed with her before joining my friends ….

To be continued…

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  1. Sandy please, how can reading of the Bible renew a person’s mind? Because it will be difficult for a newly born again Christian to understand the Bible to know how to renew his or her mind based on the Word.

    • So a newly born again person can find a church that teaches the gospel and be committed to it. He can also learn from reading other books that centre on Christ. Then also praying for the spirit of wisdom and revelation (Eph. 1:17-18). All these would help one to understand the bible and renew their minds. Renewing of the mind is not a one day thing; its a process. It takes place as one hears the Word preached over and over again.


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