LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 18)


We left the Village to the City of Accra. We had some weeks to prepare for school. We were excited for a fruitful vacation.

Soon, a new semester began. I woke up to the fresh breeze of the morning. It was 5am and as I had trained myself to do, I sat down with my bible. That moment was so precious to me as I discovered from the pages of the bible, words that brought comfort and joy to my soul.

“Araba, guess what?” Anita asked after I had finished with my morning devotion.

“Mmm…let’s see…Your dad sent you some money?” I tried a guess.

“Not at all. My dad gave me enough money for the semester,” said Anita.

“So what could it be? Okay, you know what? Just tell me what it is” I said eagerly.

“Nana Yaw called,” She announced.

“Nana Yaw from the village?” I asked surprised.

“Yes! He said he has missed me so he would send me some money soon,” Anita said giggling.

“Rich man’s wife. Your own is good,” I said teasingly and we burst into laughter.

“What are you girls laughing about?” Bertha asked when she came from the bathroom.

“Nana Yaw called Anita,” I broke the news.

“Nana Yaw from the village? So he was that serious about you? Then Anita, just tell your parents that you’ve found a rich husband so that they put things in place for you to get married,” Bertha said teasingly.

“I think I should consider that. He even promised to send me some money and other things,” Anita said smiling.

“You see, just agree to his proposal so that he would marry you. You would be a village champion’s wife. You don’t know how enviable that is,” Bertha said and we burst into laughter.

“But where’s Laudes, won’t she go to class with us?” Anita said as we prepared for class.

“Come to think of it, I’ve not seen her since I woke up. Where’s she?” Bertha asked.

“Oh! She got ready quite early and left for class,” I said.

“Class? Class will start at 8am so why did she leave so early?” Bertha asked.

” I don’t really know, maybe she went to read or something,” I said.


We got to class and settled down before Laudes entered the class. We wanted to inquire from her where she had been but the lecturer entered the class. Right after class, Laudes told us she was going to see someone urgently so she would join us later in the room.

“But what has come over Laudes?” Bertha asked rhetorically.

We all wished we could figure it out….

To be continued….



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  1. Wooow…in no time, Nana Yaw will get married to Anita. And talking about Laudes, what’s really going on with her? Hmmm…we wait to see.


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