LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 20)


“So where could Laudes be on a sunday morning?” I asked as we walked to church.

“I’m sure she’s with that guy,” Anita said.

“Who’s this guy at all? How does he look like?” I asked.

“Oh you haven’t met him? Bertha and I met both of them after escorting you to see Abraham the other day,” Anita said.

“Yeah, we used a different route to the hostel so we met them on the way. Immediately, we saw them, he asked to leave. So we went back to the hostel with Laudes,” Bertha narrated.

“I see. So is he handsome or rich or what? What could be driving Laudes this crazy about a guy?” I asked puzzled.

“I don’t know my dear,” Anita said.

Laudes walked in when it was time for the message and left immediately after church was over without telling us anything.

As we stood talking with friends after church, I heard someone call my name. I turned and there was Patrick.

“Araba, hope you are good? Can we talk for some few minutes?” He asked.

“Sure! Whatsup?” I asked.

“Laudes is your friend right?” He probed.

“Yes, why do you ask?” I probed further

“Hmm. I’ve been seeing her with this guy of late. The truth is that I know him. He used to be my friend till he duped me. I had to adopt several means before I could get my money back from him. All he does is to dupe people. Your friend looks like she’s from a rich background. You should warn her.

What he usually does is that he would become friends with you. Then as time goes on, he would propose a business idea and ask that you both invest into it. Once you give him your part of the money, that would be it. You won’t see him again,” Patrick narrated.

“Are you serious?” I asked quite surprised.

“Araba, what do I have to gain by cooking this up? I know what I’m talking about and it’s because I know she’s your friend that’s why I’m telling you this,” Patrick said.

“Hmm! Thanks Patrick. I will tell her about” I said.

“Alright. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

“You too.”

As I walked to join my friends, I was thinking about what Patrick had said. When Laudes and Bertha entered the room, I pulled Anita aside and told her what Patrick had told me. She advised that we go about it carefully.

“Girls you know what? Humphrey wants us to start a business together. I told you that this guy is serious about life. He is purpose-driven,” Laudes said.

I turned to look at Anita and found her staring at me….

To be continued….

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  1. Hmmmm…this not good. I wish Laudes will give ears to Alaba’s words, it’s difficult though.
    Because there are two people who don’t take advice easily… One is a young lady in love and the other one is an zongo boy holding knife when fighting. Trust me, these 2 people are very difficult to advice.
    Anyway, let’s wait and see what happens.


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