LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 22)


A week had passed and Laudes had turned strangely quiet. She wouldn’t even join in our conversations. She no longer went out to see Humphrey too and we all wondered why.

One afternoon, Bertha and Anita had gone to the market to get some foodstuffs so I was alone with her. Her phone rang several times but she wouldn’t answer it.

“Laudes, won’t you answer the call?” I said after the phone rang for the third time.

“Hmm! Araba, I’m in trouble. Do you know I sent 1000 Cedis(201 US dollars) to Humphrey and now his line isn’t going through. I went to his hall to look for him and apparently he doesn’t stay on campus. He comes to class from home. The room he showed me was his friend’s room,” Laudes recounted.

“You sent him a whole thousand cedis? Laudes what were you thinking? So who was calling you?” I asked.

“That was my brother, Kelvin. I took 500 Cedis from him and promised to send it back this week. I guess that’s why he’s calling,” Laudes said.

“Eeei! What a mess you’ve got yourself into. Have you tried Humphrey’s line today?” I asked.

“Yes but it cannot be reached. Araba, you warned me. I should have just listen to you. Now all the money I came to school with is gone. What I’m I going to tell my dad? How come the money he gave me is finished just after few weeks of coming to campus,” Laudes said in regret.

“It’s alright dear. You’ve made a mistake but God still loves you. Don’t be too hard on yourself,” I comforted her.

“Araba I know that but it’s just stupid what I’ve done. Everything showed that this guy was a crook. I saw the signs yet I followed blindly. Now what I’m I going to do?” Lauded said in tears.

“It’s alright Laudes, relax” I tried comforting her.

“You said Patrick knows him right? Does he know where he stays or something? Araba, I’m desperate. That’s a lot of money I sent to him,” she said.

“Laudes, relax. I don’t really know. I would ask him and get back to you,” I said.

I called Patrick and asked to see him. I met him and enquired about Humphrey.

“Humphrey? He doesn’t stay on campus. Nobody actually knows where he stays for sure. Because of what he does, he has several homes. He doesn’t stay at one place. If you are very lucky, you may meet him when he comes to class. So you can visit our lecture hall one of these days during lecture hours, maybe you might meet him,” Patrick said.

“Hmm! Truth is, I don’t even know how this Humphrey guy looks like. I haven’t met him before. I’m just worried about my friend,” I said anxiously.

“I see. You know what? If you friend is really serious, she could report him so they lock him up. I would help in anyway possible. That would teach him a big lesson,” Patrick said.

“Look at who’s saying we should lock somebody up. Who deserved that more than you, after all you did to me,” I thought to myself as I stared at him.

“Why are you looking me that way? Am I lying? You don’t know the number of people he has duped and those he’s yet to dupe. The earlier we stop it, the better,” Patrick said.

“It’s alright. I don’t think it’s gotten to that point. I just wanted to know of his whereabout.” I said and with that, parted ways with him….

To be continued….

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