LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 23)


“It’s alright. I don’t think it’s gotten to that point. I just wanted to know of his whereabout.” I said and with that parted ways with Patrick.

It was at this point that we brought the issue to Pastor Abraham and Pastor Emmanuel.

Laudes who was angry vented, “I will never forgive him. Does he think he can mess around with me and go scot free? It’s not possible. By the time he realizes it, he would be behind bars.”

“Laudes, you haven’t learned so of Christ. What he did to you is painful but we forgive because Christ forgave us. So look at it that way and let the Holy Spirit help you forgive him. Holding it against him won’t help anything,” Pastor Emmanuel advised.

“Laudes, I know you are saying that because you feel hurt and betrayed but look at the brighter side. You know who you are in Christ but he doesn’t. You know God loves you unconditionally but he doesn’t. Why do I say so? If he knew how much God loves him, he wouldn’t go about doing what he does. So let it go, God will restore to you,” Pastor Abraham added.

“Hmm! Okay! I’ve heard you,” Laudes said in a pensive mood.

“Also, you shouldn’t take chances with anybody. If you like someone and want to date them, do it appropriately. No healthy relationship should make you skip class and come for church services late. If the guy is a Christian and has good plans for your life, he should be encouraging you to become the best of you not leading you to skip class and the rest,” Pastor Emmanuel advised.

“You see, our minds have been corrupted when it comes to relationship with the opposite sex. Some of these movies on the television too are not helpful. They pass across ideas that are so wrong. It is so appalling that someone could be married for 30 years and wake up oneday and realise that he never loved his wife. Suddenly, he finds someone else and he is uncontrollably in love with the person. That is not of Christ. Love isn’t something that falls on you one moment and leaves you another moment without your control.

As children of God, we have God’s nature of love and we express it willingly. When it comes to relationships leading to marriage, we choose who to love. We don’t just get carried away by certain things and yield ourselves uncontrollably to someone in the name of love. You can choose to love someone and be committed to them your whole life, of course, as you trust Christ through it.

The whole idea that you can fall in love today and fall out of it the next minute is wrong. You can decide to love one person, stick with them for life and let God accomplish his good will through you both,” Pastor Abraham added.

We all nodded. We had learnt a lot within that short moment.

******* ******* ******

Several weeks passed and everything returned to normal. Laudes was able to tell her elder brother, Kelvin, about what happened. He sent her some money for her upkeep. Laudes was now going for lectures and church services with us as usual. We were all happy that everything was going on well……

To be continued…..

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