LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 25)


“Yeah and we thank God for that. But that’s all he would be, a good church pal,” I said and we burst into laughter.

**********          ********                **********

“Guess who called me today?” I asked Pastor Abraham as we took a walk on campus later that evening.

“Who called?” He asked.

“Guess,” I insisted.

“Who?” He asked again.

“Uh, you are supposed to guess.” I said quite displeased.

“You know I’m not good at this guessing thing,” Pastor Abraham said with a grin.

“Okay Patrick called,” I let the cat out of the bag.

“Patrick?…..oh Yeah Patrick. I see that he comes to church now.”

“Yeah. I told you about how I led him to receive Christ right?”

“Sure I remember. I hope he just called for calling sake and not for anything funny.”

“Hehe….He wanted to know if we were dating?”

“I see. And what did you tell him?”

“Mmm, I said they were just rumors.”

Pastor Abraham stopped.

“Why have you stopped? I asked laughing.


“Hahaaa! I’m just kidding.”

“Please let him understand that old things are passed away, I’m the new thing reigning.”


“Another thing, you see, the way you are beautiful, I know that many guys in the church would like to get close to you. Allow them but please oo, you can just be friends with them and nothing else”

“Mmmm, I’m smelling something.”

“Smell whatever you want to smell,” He said and we burst out laughing.

“Another thing…”

“Okay, what is it this time?”

“Let me whisper it into your ears.”

I went close to him, he whispered it into my ears….. I smiled widely.

“Did you hear that?” he asked.

“I did,” I said still smiling widely.

“I mean it,” He said looking into my eyes.

“I love you too,” I responded and held his hand and we walked on.

After Wednesday service that week, Patrick approached me. He wanted us to talk so I walked with him away from my friends to a place where we could talk.

“Patrick it’s late, I need to go to the hostel. Besides, my friends are waiting for me,” I said.

“Alright. I don’t want to take much of your time…..Ermm….Araba, I’ve been thinking things over *again* and I don’t know if you were serious with what you told me about dating Pastor Abraham. I’ve realized I made a big mistake with you and we’ve spoken about that and I know you’ve forgiven me. Ermm…” He paused and looked around.

“Araba, if you are not dating anyone, is it possible we can get back together?” He asked….

To be continued…

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