LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 27)


“Ermm, what do I think about what?” I asked a little confused

“So you mean you didn’t hear all that we just said?” Laudes asked surprised.

“Who at all have you been chatting with of late?” Anita asked suspiciously.

“Oh it’s just this guy who wants us to be friends,” I said.

“Which guy? Is he aware that you are already hooked?” Bertha asked sacarstically and we all burst into laughter.

“I won’t mind you girls. I don’t have your time,” I said as we moved out to church.


On Friday evening, we were at church service when Raymond sent me a text message that he was in church. I don’t usually read messages in church but I was curious about this one.

Thinking he was lying, I asked him to describe what the Pastor was wearing and he did. He even added the title of the message he was preaching about. I was quite impressed that he had come. However, he was nowhere to be found when the service was over.

“So where is he?” Laudes asked.

“I don’t know. Let me call him,” I said as I looked around hoping to see him.

“He said he’s left,” I said after the call.

He’s left so soon. That was fast. So he couldn’t even wait to say goodbye to you,” Bertha said a little disappointed.

“Yeah, he said he had to go and do something,” I replied.

“Hmm! Just be careful he’s not one of Humphrey’s brothers,” Laudes said sarcastically.

“You met Humphrey’s brothers?” Anita asked.

“No. I don’t mean blood brothers. I mean brothers in the sense that they are into the same business of duping people,” Laudes said.

We tried to hold our laughter but we couldn’t.

Exams was drawing closer and preparation was ongoing for CHRIST CONFERENCE. I remembered how last semester’s edition impacted my life. I knew that this semester edition was going to be greater.

Meanwhile, Raymond was playing hide and seek with me at church. I actually saw him coming to church once but when service was over, I didn’t see him again.

When I confronted him concerning that, he jokingly said that he comes to church because of Jesus and not because of me. I was just glad that he was coming to church. Looking at my earlier conversations with him, he boldly told me he wasn’t a christain and wasn’t a fan of church so I was glad he was now coming to church regularly even without me asking.

Because Exams was approaching, I decided to create time alone to study in the library because exams was fast approaching. I was in the library one Friday when Raymond appeared….

To be continued…

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  1. This episode doesn’t contain much, but i really want to know what Raymond is up to…is he going to church bcos of Alaba or the massages preached at church has touched his heart?


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