LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 3)


“Ouush!” Laudes shouted interrupting our conversation. She had tried removing one corn from the fire and it burned her. We all wanted to laugh but the look on her face didn’t permit us.

*********** *********** *******
The lady Kay impregnated insisted that they get married or she would abort the baby. Confused, ashamed and dejected, Kay decided to stay at home and not step a foot in the church anymore or anywhere else.

The parents of the lady seeing that Kay was not ready to marry their daughter decided to cover their shame by sending Mary to stay with her Aunty in another town.

Mary filled with anguish that Kay had deceived her and destroyed her life visited him the day before she left.

“You call yourself a pastor but you are just a useless nobody. Didn’t you promise to marry me and to achieve our dream together? Now it’s as if you don’t know me. Now I have to leave this town where I have lived all my life because of you. Judge for yourself, if you think it will go well with you after this,” She said and left.

This worsened Kay’s situation. The cloud of guilt that hung over his head became heavier, he couldn’t bear it any longer, yet he didn’t know what to do. It was at this point that I learnt of his case.

“He’s always in the room. He doesn’t eat or do anything. I’m afraid something might happen to him? He might become an atheist soon too because he’s angry at God,” Ernest, my younger brother, broke the news to me one evening when he came home looking sad

“Angry at God? Why?” I asked.

“It’s because he feels like God is wicked. This is because all this while, he has served God diligently and just a single mistake has caused him his entire dream,” Ernest explained.

“God is not behind his demotion; the leaders of the church are. You know the story of the prodigal son. With all that the son did, the Father still welcomed him in love. So God is not wicked. He still loves him,” I explained.

“Really? But that’s not what the church elders said. They said he has committed a great offense which cannot be overlooked. If they overlook it, it will encourage other people to do same. Do you think God overlooks sin?”

“God doesn’t overlook sin. He is a just God that is why he sent Jesus to die for our sins. So when a child of God does wrong, God doesn’t hold it against him. This is not because he overlooks sin but because Jesus has paid for those sins already. You don’t punish the same offence twice.”

“I see. You have learnt many new things in the city. I wish I could understand what you are saying.”

“Don’t worry, with time you would.”

*** ****** ******
Our first bible study in the evening started very well. We started discussing with my family on how God so loved the world that he sent Jesus to die to give us eternal life. Pastor Abraham gave a short understanding of the topic and we proceeded to discuss.

It was a refreshing time sharing the gospel with them. However, as the days went by, it got to a point where my parents did not agree to some of the things we discussed. It was, however, expected. We, therefore, had to find a way to get them to understand it…

To be continued…

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  1. This is a nice written story vividly with insight, and I’ve read through from the onset till date and I must say is the best piece anyone can think of…make your hobby lively by sticking to this nice creative write…Thank you.


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