LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 30)


“Yeah, you are all grown; you are an old woman now, we know,” Pastor Abraham said sarcastically causing me to laugh.

In spite of what Patrick was doing , I was thinking about what Raymond had told me. It was such a touching story. I didn’t know someone like him could have such a story.

“Or was he deceiving me as Pastor Emmanuel had suggested? What did he plan to gain with that?” I thought to myself.

For some reason I believed him and felt he needed a revelation of God’s love and forgiveness just as I needed last semester. I decided to call him after my call with Pastor Abraham.

“Hi Araba, what’s going on?” Raymond asked.

“I’ve haven’t heard from you since we talked yesterday,” I said.

“Oh I was in church in yesterday evening. I know you would say you didn’t see me but as I keep telling you, I come to church because of Jesus and not because of you,” He said laughing.

“Alright. So did you enjoy the service?”

“Yeah, I did. Pastor Abraham preached on reigning in life right? It was a good message, only that I wasn’t sure if I could relate with it”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, he was talking about reigning in life through righteousness and we both know I’m not righteous so how do I reign in life?”

“I see you’ve been really thinking about the things you hear from church?”

“Yeah I do.”

“You see, the righteousness he was speaking about isn’t a righteousness achieved by works but a gift that is received when one receives Jesus Christ.”

“You believe that? That someone can become righteous just by receiving Jesus Christ? You mean no good deeds or qualifications needed? Well, that goes against everything I have ever known. I haven’t liked church very much, but the little I know from going to church as a young boy is that righteousness is not something anybody at all can get on a silver platter.”

“I understand you. Most of the churches we attended never told us the truth, perhaps, because they also didn’t know it. We were all taught that righteousness is achieved through good works but the truth revealed in God’s word shows that no one can achieve righteousness. It can only be received as a gift.”

“I see. That’s hard to understand. But anyway, how’s the preparation for Christ Conference? I plan on bringing some friends.”

“That would be great. The preparation is going on well by God’s grace. ”

“Alright. Good to know.”

“You know you’ve still not met my friends right?”

“Yeah, I will do my best to meet them sometime.”

“Alright, I just remembered something. You were telling me about this lady that you loved at the library.”

“Hahaha! Yeah! But that’s history now. I want to know more about this Christ. That’s my focus now,”

“Okay, if you say so. But you know what?”


“God loves you even in your deepest mess.”

“Hmm……Alright, Araba, Thanks.”…

To be continued…

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