LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 31)


“Hmm……Alright, Araba, Thanks.”

We were in the room the following day, when someone called me. It was Joseph, the drunkard from my village that we went to preach to.

“You girls remember Joseph right?” I asked.

“Yeah we do. What’s up with him? Laudes said sarcastically.

“You remember he told us that his aunty wanted to bring him to Accra, but decided against it because of his drinking habit? I asked.

“Yeah, I remember, Pastor Emmanuel even told him that his aunt would come for him again” Bertha said.

“Exactly. He’s in Accra now with his aunt and he wants to come for Christ conference,” I announced.

“Wow, so his aunt did come for him. Aww, God is good,” Anita said excitedly.

“Yes. He said he would start school soon. He also mentioned that his aunt and the whole family have become committed Christians because of the change they’ve seen in him,” I added.

“That’s awesome. Glory to God,” Laudes said excitedly.

“Hallelujah!” We chorused.

“Bertha, you’re single and this guy too is single, don’t you see the connection?” Laudes teased.

“Which guy?” Bertha probed.

“Joseph of course,” Laudes answered and we all burst into laughter.

My phone rang at that moment interrupting our conversation. I checked and it was Pastor Abraham.

“Hello sweetie, what’s up?” He said.

“I’m good, honey and you?” I asked.

“I’m okay, just relaxing in my room. I tried your line severally but it was busy…….Ermm, do I have a competition?”

“Haha, which competition? Are we playing a soccer match here?

“Were you talking to Raymond and was he telling you another story?”

“Why do I smell something in the air?”

“You can smell anything you want dear but don’t let that guy deceive you.”

“Haha! I’ve heard you dear. I was actually speaking to Joseph from the village.”

“Oh okay. Kay even called me. He said he will be coming to the conference with a number of people. They would be twenty in all.”

“Wow, they will all be coming from the village?”

“Yeah. So we were looking at getting them a nearby guest house so they can rest and leave the following day after the conference.”

“Wow, that sounds great. Joseph is in Accra.”

“Yeah, he called me too. He would be coming to Christ Conference with his cousins.”

“That’s awesome. This semester’s Christ Conference will be massive.

“I tell you. God is increasing our reach. Through us, He is doing his mighty works.”…

To be continued…

Life In The City Season Two ends next week.

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  1. Wooow…it’s very wonderful that people from the village are coming because of the Christ Conference. Great work done.


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