LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 5)


Gradually, my parents were understanding the gospel. Ernest was also catching up. Because he was shy, he usually asked me questions when I was alone. I was glad, the change was beginning from my home.

Meanwhile, Anita had caught the attention of the Chief’s son. His name was Nana Yaw. As the chief’s son, he was very rich and the dream of many of the young ladies in the village.

We were at home one evening when he came. He had heard of my arrival and wanted to know how I was doing. That was when he set eyes on Anita. From that moment, he started getting close to Anita. Every evening, he would come to my house just to get to talk to Anita.

Anita, although, aware of the reason of his often visit was nice to him and engaged him in conversations anytime he came around. We teasingly told Anita that she was responsible for getting Nana Yaw to know the gospel since she had caught his attention.

“Make sure he accepts Christ. Don’t just be talking with him and enjoying the gifts he gives to you,” Laudes said one evening when Nana Yaw had left after seeing Anita.

“Exactly. Be teaching him the gospel as you talk oo,” Bertha added.

“You guys should give me a break. Can’t I just enjoy Nana Yaw’s company? I don’t know but it seems you girls are getting jealous,” Anita said smiling.

“Hahaha! Jealous of who? Arh Anita, I have been in this village for a long time. If I wanted him, you wouldn’t have come to meet him single,” I said and chuckled.

“Well, you may have wanted him but he didn’t want you. You girls are just jealous, I won’t mind you. Nevertheless, I share the gospel with him when he comes around. So you girls shouldn’t worry me,” Anita said and slumped into bed as we continued teasing her…..

To be continued…

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