LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 6)


The following week, we decided to pay Kay a visit. When we got to his house, my mind went back to my first encounter with Pastor Abraham.

I was going through a time of guilt and condemnation just as Kay was and he had come to share the gospel with me. I remembered how I slammed the door at him. I didn’t want to hear anything about God. I definitely knew Kay was experiencing the same thing.

We stood outside whiles Ernest went into the house to call him out. After a long wait, Ernest came out to tell us that Kay didn’t want to see us. We understood how he felt so we left and prayed for him that evening when we got home.

We began house to house evangelism the following day. It was our way of penetrating the entire village with the knowledge of the gospel.

We entered one house and met a mother crying over her child who laid on a mat helplessly. She was Maame Mansah, a farmer who usually took her farm produce to the nearby town during market days.

“What’s wrong with her?” I asked Maame Mansah when we got closer.

“She’s been sick for the past three days. She cannot eat or do anything. I took her to the herbalist but to no avail. We also took her to the Clinic in the next town but the medicine they gave to her is not working. I’m afraid my daughter will die. Her father too is not at home. I don’t know what to do,” Maame Mansah said amid tears.

“She won’t die. I will lay hands on her and she will recover. So don’t be afraid mama,” Pastor Abraham said and placed his hands on the forehead of the child.

He, however, removed his hand slightly.

“Her temperature is very high but that’s going to change in few minutes,” He said and placed his hand back and prayed for her.

“She’s healed. Let her lie down for a while, she will soon feel fine,” Pastor Abraham assured.

“Amen,” Maame Mansah said wiping her tears with the tip of her cloth.

She went inside and brought a cloth to cover her.

“Maame Mansah, I know you love your child so much. This shows that God loves her too, even more than you do. God is a good father and just as you care for your child, he cares for her as well. He cares for her enough to heal her.” Pastor Emmanuel began.

“I know God can heal her but I haven’t lived good enough. I haven’t even been going to church regularly,” Maame Mansah said and sighed.

“I see. Let me ask you, If you had the power to heal your daughter, would you have healed her?” Pastor Emmanuel asked.

“Yes, I would have immediately, I don’t want her to die,” She said and turned to look at her daughter who was lying on a mat beside us.

“Don’t worry, she will be fine,” Pastor Emmanuel assured her.

“Does it mean that your daughter has done everything right since you gave birth to her?” He pressed on.

“No, she sometimes behaves very badly. Before she fell sick, she was playing in the rain. I warned her severally but she wouldn’t listen. I believe that contributed to her sickness.”

“Okay, so though your daughter doesn’t do everything well, you would have healed her immediately if you could right?” Pastor Emmanuel asked.

“Yes I would have,” Maame Mansah said.

“So why do you think that you have to be good and always be at Church before God can heal your daughter?..

To be continued….

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