LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode 9)


That evening, we spent the rest of the time assuring Kay of God’s love and praying with him for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. We left his house around 7pm.

On our way home, we met someone. His name was Joseph. He was drunk and walked pass us saying some incomprehensible words. A look at him shocked me. Joseph was my age mate. We were actually in the same class in Primary and Junior High School, now he looked very old and his beard was full of grey hair. He also looked skinny and unhealthy.

“What happened to Joseph,” I asked
Ernest, my brother?”

“Hmm Sis. Araba, he’s been drinking a lot. Sometimes, he gets so drunk that he sleeps on the ground and in gutters. It’s the drink that’s made him look so old,” Ernest said.

“Really? That’s sad,” I commented.

“Let’s make time to meet and talk to him,” Pastor Emmanuel suggested.

“You can only find him at the palm wine seller’s place. He hardly stays at home,” Ernest said.

“We will find a way to reach him by all means,” Pastor Abraham said.

We got home, thanked God for Kay and prayed for Joseph. After that we chatted for a while before retiring to bed.

The next evening saw us at Kay’s place again. After handing over a small bag of rice to him, we sat and spoke with him for a while. This time, he decided to ask us some questions.

“Ermm, the last time I learnt a lot from what you all shared with me. I would like to know, does God like sin?” He asked.

“Not at all Kay, God doesn’t like sin. But do you know why God doesn’t like sin?” I asked.

“Why?” Kay asked.

“It’s because he loves you,” I said.

“I don’t understand, Sis. Araba,” Kay said with a grin.

“The reason God hates sin is because he loves you. Sin destroys you that’s why he doesn’t like sin. It’s like saying I hate sickness because I love my family. I love my family so much that I hate anything that tries to destroy them. God loves you so much that he hates anything that has the tendency to destroy you,” I explained.

“I see. I never saw it that way,” Kay said in a pensive mood.

“Does that mean that God would not punish us for our sins because he loves us?” Kay asked after a while.

“The truth is that God loves us so much. However, he can’t push sin aside because he loves us. Sin has to be punished. That is why he sent Jesus to take the punishment for our sins. By his death, Jesus took the punishment for all our sins.

Sin is punished only once and not twice. So because Jesus has taken the punishment for your sins, God would not punish you again for your sins. It is not just because he loves you but also because Jesus took the punishment for your sins,” Anita explained.

“I see,” Kay commented.

“Yes Kay, because Jesus took the punishment for your sins, God justified you. To be justified is to be declared not guilty in the sight of a judge. When Jesus paid for the sins of mankind, no sin was left to hold against man, so God declared him not guilty.

When a person accepts Christ, this becomes their reality. That means that in the sight of God, you are not guilty of any sin. Is it because you don’t sin? No! It is because all your sins have been paid for. Now you have the gift of righteousness and God doesn’t count your sins against you. Listen to what Romans 4:6-7 says.

Romans 4:6-8 (TLB)
King David spoke of this, describing the happiness of an undeserving sinner who is declared “not guilty” by God. “Blessed and to be envied,” he said, “are those whose sins are forgiven and put out of sight. Yes, what joy there is for anyone whose sins are no longer counted against him by the Lord.”

Did you see that, God doesn’t count your sins against you. Fornication is bad; it’s a sin yet God doesn’t count it against you. This is because it was counted against Jesus on the cross and he paid for it. That means that God has forgiven you, so forgive yourself,” Pastor Abraham added.

“Hmm! All my life, I have been told that God would punish me for my sins so this sounds very new to me. I know that although God loves me, he would not hesitate to punish me when I go wrong,” Kay said….

To be continued..

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  1. Comment:Wooow…Alaba has really thought me something new in this episode today…she said “God hate sin because He loves you”.


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