LIFE IN THE CITY Season Two(Episode Two)


The next day after a time of prayer, we sat down and made clear our line of strategy. We would pray in the morning, move around the houses in my village and share the gospel with them. Then we would share the gospel with my parents and siblings every evening. We all agreed to the plan and availed ourselves for it. We were set for impact and nothing could stop us.

Our arrival at the village was met with the news of a youth pastor who had been demoted. Kay was the Youth leader of the local church in my village. He was a leader who was admired by all. He paid attention to his dressing and mannerism than most of the other young men. He was one of the guys in the church who didn’t go about in big trousers and shirts that make them look very awkward.

His dream was to become a pastor and just when he was almost there, something happened. It came out that he had impregnated a lady. As a result of that, he was demoted. In fact, he was expected to sit behind anytime he came to church.

This was a normal occurrence in any of the churches in my village. Anytime, someone did something extremely wrong, they were demoted of their position in the church.

“Why do they do that?” Anita asked as we roasted corn for snacks.

“Well, they do it to serve as a warning to the rest of the youth?” I responded.

“Does it work?” Ps. Abraham interjected.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Does demoting people keep people from sinning?” He asked.

“It doesn’t. Kay isn’t the first person to have done something wrong. Many of the church members are involved in one wrong or the other but they pretend to be holy because they haven’t been caught yet,” I said and chuckled.

“What they have done is to classify sins. “Big sins” attract a harsher punishment but acclaimed “small sins” like lying, insulting, worrying, attracts no punishment. See, in the sight of God, sin is sin. And the wages of sin is not demotion but death. No one could pay the wages, that’s why Jesus came to deal with sin once and for all,” Anita added.

“That’s true. People think rules and punishment can change people but it is a great deception. Have you not heard of the popular accolade that rules are meant to be broken. When people see, “Don’t do it,” they comprehend it as “Do it.” So they will certainly do it. What these young people need is a revelation of the Father’s love just like Araba experienced,” Ps. Abraham said.

“That’s true,” I said nodding in agreement.

“Ouush!”Laudes shouted interrupting our conversation. She had tried removing one corn from the fire but the corn was so hot that it burnt her. We all wanted to laugh but the look on her face didn’t permit us…..

To be continued…..

By: Kreative Sandy

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    • Punishments such as demotions make it seem like God cannot work through people anymore because they sinned.The truth is that there’s no one whom God is using, who is perfect in their actions yet God delights in using us. Making it clear that a behavior is wrong is fine. But demotion is too much. It makes it seem that the person isn’t fit to be used anymore by God.


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