Does that mean we don’t do anything at all? Of course not! We do good works. You can’t set your mind on who you are in Christ and not produce good works that please God. Here, these works are not meant to earn anything from God. They are simply the out workings of the divine life in us. This is the fruit of the Spirit.

We bear the fruit of the Spirit when we simply acknowledge what Christ has accomplished for us and renew our minds with it. When you realize how you have been freely forgiven, you’ll forgive others. When you realize how God laid his life for you and gave you salvation free of charge, you will want to pray, study the word and preach the gospel to others. This is the outworking of God’s life in us. He works in us to desire and do things that please him.

For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

(Philippians 2:13 KJV)

When we pray, study the word, give, preach the gospel and engage in the things of God, it is not because God demands them from us. It is not because we want to earn some points from him. No! That’s our way of yielding to him. That’s how we remind ourselves of who we are in him. That’s how we release the power of God to impact lives.

Don’t see the life in Christ as trying to obey a long list of impossible demands. See it as enjoying all that is available in Christ and expressing it.

If God didn’t demand anything from us before saving us; he wouldn’t demand anything from us before loving, caring, protecting or providing for us. We realize how gracious he is and consciously yield ourselves to him. We acknowledge his working within us and walk in the light of who we are in him.

You are deeply loved!

Sandy Amponsah


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