George: I can imagine. Christianity isn’t about do’s and dont’s as you may have heard. It’s about the good news of what Jesus accomplished for us as I just explained to us all. So in our next meeting, we will talk more about it. Our time is up, let’s pray and meet next week.

Cyrus kept silent about all that had happened between George and himself. He didn’t want the guys to laugh at him. Although, he still joined the guys to the game center, he felt liberated inside. He wished the other guys could know what he had found out but he didn’t want it to be so soon.

It had been a couple of months since Kingsley introduced Marvin to the arm robbery gang. Marvin was enjoying all the money that came from it. Their next operation was going to be a big one, they were planning to rob a Forex Bureau outside the neighborhood.

Marvin, though a little scared, was excited about it. He knew that the money he would get from it could change his life. He had planned to move out of his parents’ house, rent a house somewhere and enjoy his riches.

That night, as he laid in bed, he kept fantasizing about how his life would change after their operation. He had always wanted to be rich and charismatic like Kingsley. So he saw his association with the gang as a way to reach this goal. He knew the risk involved but he felt that if Kingsley could survive it, then he could too.

Ken, on the other hand, had become addicted to smoking weed. His parents had caught him smoking once and had advised him thoroughly but that wasn’t enough. He kept on with it. His secret affair with Abigail grew the more.

Anytime Kingsley was out at night for his operations, Ken would sneak Abigail into his room. He was sharing Abigail fairly with Kingsley. He felt so excited that he was sharing Abigail with Kingsley whiles Kingsley thought he was the only one in charge.

“Sis. Harriet, thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. My life has taken a new turn now. I’m so rich that my parents borrow from me. They have stopped advising me against hanging out with you,” Abigail said excitedly as she sat in the sofa with her legs crossed.

“Haha! I told you that you will love it after your first time. You were all like, ‘Sis. Harriet, don’t you think I’m too young? My parents will complain etc.’ Now look at you, you are a big girl now,” Harriet remarked and chuckled.

“Hahaha! I remember all that you said and it’s unbelievable that*
it’s happening right before my eyes. Anyway, I need to go and prepare to go to King’s place tonight. We have a date,” Abigail said and took her bag.

“Oh yeah! Go on, baby girl, keep slaying and keep making money. You deserve it,” Harriet applauded her.

It was past 10pm, Kingsley laid in his sofa with a glass of gin in his hand. He was deep in thoughts and gulped the gin from time to time. The door screeched and opened. He turned his head lazily to see who it was. It was Abigail.

“Hey baby, how are you?” Abigail greeted when she entered and sat by him.

“Baby? Am I really your baby?” Kingsley asked staring into the sky.

“What is it, King, are you okay?”

“Have I treated you wrongly ever since I met you?”

“King, why all these questions? You are getting me worried.”

“Why are you sleeping with Ken, why?” Kingsley jerked up staring right into Abigail’s eyes.

Abigail was dumbfounded. She realized the mess she had found herself in.

“Who told you such a lie, how can I be sleeping with Ken? What does he even have?” Abigail lied when she found her voice.

“Really? So the pictures of you in his bed are also lies? You better get out of here before I slap the hell out of you. Get out now!” Kingsley screamed.

“Baby, let me explain,” Abigail who was standing now begged.

“I said get out. Get out before I kill you” Kingsley screamed once more.
This time around, Abigail left, scared of what could befall her should she stay there a little longer…

To be continued…

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