“Marvin! come out! It’s me Ken,” He shouted again.

“Ken, why are you disturbing me? I was
taking a nap,” Marvin said when he finally came out.

“Taking a nap by this time? Anyway, I want us to go and check on our new neighbors. You know I’ve been single for a long time, perhaps this could be my miracle,” Ken said.

“Look here, Kingsley was lying, we didn’t see any lady in the car,” Marvin replied.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s just go there, we may see our new neighbors, that’s all,” Ken insisted.

“Okay let me change my clothes so we go,” Marvin agreed.

Meanwhile, Kingsley and Cyrus were already standing few miles away from the Hayford’s house for the same purpose.

“We can wait here, maybe, they will come out to buy something or just take a walk then we can talk to them,” Kingsley suggested to Cyrus.

“What if they don’t come out?” Cyrus asked.

“Then we will go there, knock on the gate and say that we are looking for Mr. Brown?” Kingsley said.

“Haha. That’s a brilliant one,” Cyrus responded.
Few minutes later, Ken and Marvin arrived at the same spot where Cyrus and Kingsley were standing.

“You guys are here already? I’m sure this was Kingsley’s idea. You just hoping there are pretty ladies in there right? You are such a womanizer,” Marvin accused.

“You are not a womanizer but you are also here. Can you see your hypocrisy? Clap for yourself” Kingsley responded sarcastically.

“Guys, so what’s the plan? Let’s imagine that two pretty ladies come out. What are we going to do?” Ken asked excitedly.

“I’m the game master here, Kingsley said, so I will simply call them and let them know that I’m the king in this neighborhood,” Kingsley said smiling mischievously.

“Take a look at yourself, you can’t even say anything in case they come, you just like bragging,” Marvin said.

“Alright, let’s wait and see,” Kingsley challenged.

After 20 minutes, they saw two guys and a lady approaching.

“It looks like the people coming are our new neighbors,” Ken announced.

“Yes, that’s true. It’s just one lady but she’s pretty. Kingsley over to you. Let’s see what you can do,” Marvin challenged.

“Good evening guys,” George greeted when they got closer to them.

“Good evening, ” They chorused.

“I guess you guys are our new neighbors. I’m George, this is my brother Joshua and my sister, Jennifer. We arrived just this afternoon” George said.

“Nice to meet all of you. I’m Kingsley, the King in this neighborhood and these are my subjects,” He said pointing to the other guys.

“We hope you enjoy your stay. This is a very fun neighborhood,” he added.

“Thanks guys, I hope we get to meet often so we can know each other better,” George said and continued the walk with his siblings.

“Guys, give me two weeks and this pretty damsel will be mine,” Kingsley said after George and his siblings had passed by.

“There you go again. Upon your many girlfriends, you still want more? That’s selfish. Allow me to also get one girlfriend for once, “Ken said.

“We can pursue her together, and whoever wins her over will have her,” Kingsley challenged.
“That sounds fair. But Kingsley, what you said was silly. When did we become your subjects? ,” Cyrus asked quite annoyed.

“Self-enthroned king, you are always bragging. If you don’t take care, you will walk about bragging oneday and fall into a gutter, ” Marvin said and they all burst into laughter.

To be continued….




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