Ken was still on the floor, shocked at what had happened. Marvin too stood there with his mouth wide opened. He hoped Kingsley didn’t find out that he had been an accomplice in Ken and Abigail’s affair.

The month had ended and Abigail realized she had not seen her period. The previous month too, she had not seen it. She panicked and headed straight for Harriet’s house. To her dismay, Harriet was not around. Her gate was locked.

She turned slowly back home. She had overhead Harriet and Monica talking about a concoction that could abort babies. She decided she would try it if she was really pregnant. But how was she going to confirm if she was really pregnant.
She tried Harriet’s phone too and it was off.

As she headed back home, tears welled up her eyes, the mess she had put herself in began to unfold before her eyes. At the time that she needed her most, Harriet was nowhere to be found. Her eyes fell on colourful cards on the lawn, but she was lost in her thought to take notice of it.

Unknown to Abigail, Harriet was dealing with her own share of the problem. She was dealing with some strange symptoms. She had gone to the pharmacy for drugs but it was to no avail. With her condition getting worse, she decided to go to the hospital. That was why she was not at home.

The night for robbing the forex bureau had finally come and Skillion wanted to make sure nothing went wrong. He ensured that nothing was going to hinder their success. They all met at Skillion’s house as usual, hopped into the vehicle and sped off. They had almost reached the Forex Bureau when a vehicle crossed theirs from behind.

They all came out of their car to confront the people in the other car and immediately there were gunshots everywhere. Skillion was the first to be hit, followed by Killer and then Kingsley in his leg. Zaky and Marvin escaped and run till they found a hiding place. They stood there for a while. Then Zaky pulled out his gun at Marvin.

“But Zaky, what have I done to you?” Marvin asked afraid.

“Hahaha! You think you guys can cheat me all the time and get away with it. All of you will die today and I will enjoy all the money alone. You fools,” Zaky said and pointed the gun at him.

Then there was a loud gunshot. Zaky fell to the ground as Marvin looked on shivering with a gun in his hand. Apparently, Marvin had shot Zaky in self-defense.

Kingsley pretended like he was dead till they were all gone. He arose only to realize that Skillion and Lord were actually dead. He managed to move slowly though his leg was badly hurt. He got to a point where he couldn’t move any longer and collapsed.

Harriet was home now, though not fully well, she listened to Abigail as she told her that she suspected she was pregnant. Harriet, told her to get a pregnancy test kit. When she got it, Harriet taught her how to use it.

To their dismay, Abigail was indeed pregnant. Tears rolled down her face. She couldn’t even tell if the baby was for Kingsley or Ken.

“Don’t you know the rules; you don’t get pregnant like that?” Harriet said and coughed out loud. Her cough sounded like her whole throat was going to come out of her mouth.

She went for tissue and coughed some more. When she removed the tissue from her mouth, there were blood stains in it. Her heart skipped a beat. What started as normal malaria symptoms seemed to be something quite serious.

Abigail who was overwhelmed with her mess did not even realize all that was going on.

“It’s not that hopeless. I can arrange for you to get it out. I will call a doctor I know and he will do it for you. We can visit the hospital next week Monday. I have another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday so Monday will be good. I just hope this sickness is not that serious,” Harriet said and coughed out loud again.

Abigail only nodded. She had nothing to say. She just hoped she could get the baby out and still be fine.

Monica, on the other hand had come to the realization of how rotten she was. She couldn’t come to terms with the truth that God loved her no matter what. So she was so consumed in guilt and condemnation so much so that she decided to end her life.

She felt that she had disappointed God. She believed God could have done so much through her but she had destroyed that opportunity. Now she had no meaning to life. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. She just wanted to die…

To be continued….



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