She felt she had disappointed God. She believed God could have done so much through her but she had destroyed that opportunity. Now she had no meaning to life. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. She just wanted to die.

It was a new morning but it didn’t seem so in the neighbourhood. The atmosphere in the nieghbourhood was rather gloomy. No one could hear the guys arguing their heads off. The girls too were not seen on the streets anymore. The unfolding events seemed to have affected everyone and everything, even the atmosphere. The excitement that was once in the neighborhood was gone.

Abigail’s mum heard moaning coming from Abigail’s room. She rushed there and found her daughter lying down as though she was lifeless. She tried to wake her up and saw that there was blood all over the bed. She called on some of her neighbours and rushed her to the hospital. She broke down into tears when she was told by the doctor that she was suffering from excessive bleeding as a result of an abortion.

“Eeei Abi, why an abortion? Why didn’t you tell me when you were pregnant? You could have given birth and let me take care of her. Oh, Abi, Abi, don’t leave us like that?” Her mother said as she wept.

Tears dropped from her father’s eye who had also rushed to the hospital from work. He didn’t think that allowing her only daughter to sleep with men for money would result into this.

Back in the Hayfords’ house, Kelvin had come to visit George. They were having a good time chatting when they heard someone screaming outside the gate.

“Sam, who is that?” George asked the security man.

“It’s one of the guys in the neighborhood, he says he wants to see you,” Sam answered.

He went out with Kelvin and there
was Cyrus.

“Goerge, I need your help. Ken has run mad. I was chatting with him when he started strangling me all of a sudden. Then he started shouting and running about,” Cyrus said panting.

“So where is he now?” George asked.

“I don’t know but he should be around,” Cyrus replied.

“Okay, let’s go then,” George bid Kelvin to come along.

Meanwhile, a good Samaritan had seen Kingsley lying on the street and had taken him to the hospital. He was still unconscious and the man who took him there did not have any information about who he was or who his family members were.

“I don’t know anything about him, I saw him lying in a corner around my neighborhood and seeing that he wasn’t dead, I decided to bring him here. I’m actually a retired doctor working on opening my own clinic,” The man said to the doctor.

“Oh okay. His condition is very serious. We might have to amputate his leg, the bullet did a great harm to his leg,” The doctor remarked.

“I can imagine, I think you should do whatever you need to do fast and I will pay for everything. Some wicked people may have done that to this innocent boy. The police are searching and I hope they get the culprits arrested,” The man said.

The Police had arrived at where the gunshots took place and taken the bodies away. Marvin tried to run away from his hideout but one Policeman got hold of him and took him to the Police cells.

“Who sent you to kill him?,” One of the police officers demanded.

“He wanted to shoot me so I shot him in self-defense,” Marvin replied in fear.

“What relationship do you have with him?” The Police officer demanded.

“I barely know him, only that we’ve met a couple of times but we haven’t engaged in any serious conversation,” Marvin replied.

“We are investigating the matter and you better hope what you are saying is true else you will be in a deep mess,” The police officer replied.

Marvin tried calling Cyrus and Ken but he couldn’t reach any of them. So he called his father who couldn’t believe his ears that he was in a Police cell. He rushed immediately to the Police Station….

To be continued…



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