Marvin tried calling Cyrus and Ken but he couldn’t reach any of them. So he called his father who couldn’t believe his ears that he was in a Police cell. He rushed immediately to the Police Station.

Cyrus, George and Kelvin got to where Ken was last seen but he wasn’t there. They moved a little further and saw some guys struggling to prevent him from moving.

“That’s him,” Cyrus shouted.

“Where are you taking him to?” George asked.

“To his house,” one of the guys replied.

They took him to his house and after some time he calmed down. George laid hands on him and cast every evil spirit out. Ken lied down for a while and got up wondering what was going on.

“What’s going on here,” He asked.

His mother in tears began praising the Lord.

“Cyrus, whatsup? ” He asked again.

“Thank God, you are well. You almost hit the streets mad,” Cyrus replied.

“Me? Mad?,” Ken asked looking around, George, is that you?

“Yes, Ken, it’s me. We thank God you are okay now,” George said.

“Madam, you don’t have to cry so much, your daughter will be fine. She’s lost so much blood so she will need blood transfusion and she will be okay,” the doctor said to Abigail’s mother.

“Doctor, please do everything you can to save my daughter, she’s the only one I have,” Her father said.

“We will, I promise you, she will be fine,” the doctor said.

Harriet too was dying slowly. It seemed her money couldn’t save her anymore. The drugs and the doctor’s appointments were all to no avail. She didn’t have anyone else to turn to. She sat in her sofa weeping, she had come to the end of herself.

Ken was doing well after being delivered from the madness. Cyrus advised him to join the Bible study but he felt he wasn’t worthy to become a Christian.

“Cyrus, you know all my life, I’ve never liked church. I’m always mocking preachers and I hardly do anything right. Do you think I deserve to go for the Bible study?” Ken asked.

“Why not? We’ve been living the same life but now look at me, I’m a new person and I’m actually enjoying my new life in Christ. God can save anybody. Ken, he loves you,” Cyrus responded.

“Haha! Does God even know me to love me? See, I know I’m a sinner and I was even lucky that you brought George to pray for me. But this Christianity thing, I don’t think I want it. I better be far from God and live my awkward life than to be close to him and continue in sin. I can’t stand that,” Ken insisted.

That Saturday, Cyrus went for Bible study alone and George realizing that Ken didn’t come decided that they visit him in his house. So George and his siblings as well as Cyrus headed to Ken’s place.

They got there, and Ken got them seats to sit on and they began talking.

George: Ken, God loves you no matter what you have done. Now take this Bible and read John 3:16 out loud.

Ken: Cyrus, where’s John in the Bible?

Cyrus giggled and helped him out and he read it out.

Ken: John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life….

To be continued…



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