“Bro. George, there’s another problem, Kingsley just called to say he’s in the hospital right now,” Cyrus said.

“What happened to him?” George asked.

“I don’t really know. He only said he’s badly hurt and needs help. I think we should go and pray for him,” Cyrus replied.

“Alright, let’s make it tomorrow after I’m back from church,” George said.

“I’m actually very worried because he went out with Marvin few days ago and we haven’t seen them since then. When I asked him of Marvin’s whereabout, he said he had no idea,” Cyrus said.

“Let’s trust God to keep them. I will meet you tomorrow to see him. Ken, you are coming with us right?” George asked.

“Yes sure,” Ken replied.

Monica finally answered Harriet’s call the next morning when Harriet tried reaching her again.

Harriet: Hello! Finally you answered my call. Monica I’m in big trouble.

Monica: Why, what is it?

Harriet: Hmm! I’m HIV positive, can you believe that?

Monica: HIV? Harriet, you of all people? What happened?

Harriet: I suspect my new sugar daddy but I don’t even know what happened.

Monica: Hmm! So what are you going to do?

Harriet: I don’t know, girl. I’m left with just a little money to get by with. My new sugar daddy took away everything he gave to me when I told him what had happened. I’m just praying Mr. Kromwell doesn’t come and throw me out of the house.

Monica: That’s really bad. But… You know what….. I kind of got born again, again?

Harriet: What’s that?

Monica: You know what, I had been born again since I was seven years old and had carried on well till I got to the neighborhood and met you. Yesterday, Cyrus came to visit with George, and he preached to me. He told me God loves me and does not condemn me. I’m so relieved and excited right now. I’m actually reading a book he gave to me titled DESTINED TO REIGN.

Harriet: I see, I didn’t know that handsome dude was a preacher too.

Monica: Well, he is. He could pray for you, you know?

Harriet: Pray for me? This is not a matter of prayer, in fact I’m such a mess, why would God waste his time on me? See, if you have any catch who’s got money, connect me so that I can get money to buy the drugs I need please.

Monica: I’m sorry but I don’t do such anymore. It seems you didn’t hear me well. I’m now back with God and there’s no turning back.

Harriet: Seriously? Since when did God become such an important issue. Mtcheew! I thought you could be of help. Talk to you later.

Abigail was feeling better now. She was eating well and was almost ready to go home. Her parents talked to her endlessly never to go back to such reckless life after she’s discharged from the hospital.

She vowed never to mess up again. But deep down she was scared, she didn’t know if she could fulfill the vow. She also didn’t want to let her parents down.

“Your son will have to go to court, the situation he’s involved in is a serious one. So get a good lawyer,” The Police officer said to Marvin’s dad.

He stood in a pensive mood and left the station. He needed to find a lawyer for his son as soon as possible. Though Marvin hadn’t been much of a good boy, he couldn’t stand the sight of him locked behind bars and being bullied around. He decided to do something about it as soon as possible.

As at 3pm, George, Cyrus and Ken were already by Kingsley’s bed at the hospital.

“Kingsley, it’s alright. No one would amputate your leg, God will heal you,” George said.

“Look at this guy, you don’t understand. My leg is going to be cut and you are mentioning God. As you can see I don’t have any strength to fulfill any obligation to get him to heal me. So please, don’t bring God in here,” Kingsley burst out.

“King, don’t talk like that. If God can’t help you, who will?” Cyrus said.

“Ah Cyrus, is that you? What happened? So God is your best friend now?” Kingsley remarked as he lied on the hospital bed.

“King, we are Christians now. And really, Christianity isn’t what we were exposed to initially, now we have encountered God’s love. God really loves us. I actually went mad from smoking weed, so if I’m here today sane, then you should know there’s a God and more than that, he’s a good God,” Ken said.

“Am I going crazy or what? Ken, is that you talking? When did you come to know God that you even say he’s a good God. You guys should give me a break. I called you here to help but it seems you are as helpless as I am. One good Samaritan brought me here, else I would even be dead. So clearly he will see me through the amputation of my leg. Ah, I didn’t know that a whole me, the king of the vicinity, could be in such state,” Kingsley said almost in tears.

“And you think this good Samaritan wasn’t from God?” Cyrus asked.

“Stop the God thing, I don’t want to hear that. As I already said I don’t have any strength to fufill some obligations to get his attention right now, can’t you see,” Kingsley said almost screaming….

To be continued….


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