“Stop the God thing, I don’t want to hear that. As I already said I don’t have any strength to fufill some obligations to get his attention right now, can’t you see,” Kingsley said almost screaming.

“Kingsley, you may have heard that God demands a lot from you before he does something from you but that’s wrong. God doesn’t demand anything from you. John 3:16 says God so loved the world that he sent his only son. Now what did you do for Jesus to come and die for you? Absolutely nothing. You weren’t even born, so there was no way you could have contributed to his coming to die.

God’s love for you and sending his son to die for you was the greatest demonstration of love ever yet he didn’t demand anything from you. It was all his idea. Why then would he demand something from you before he heals you?” George explained.

“Well, what I’ve heard is contrary to that. Many people preach that God demands that we live holy and wear certain clothes and walk certain ways before he blesses us. Who wants to serve such a God who just loves to control his creation that way,” Kingsley blurted

“All those are lies. God isn’t like that. So you can either choose to believe those lies or believe the truth that I’m sharing with you now. God loved you when you weren’t even born. So he doesn’t demand anything from you before he loves you and does something for you. He demands nothing from you. If he could send Jesus to die for you, then why won’t he heal you? God isn’t wicked, he is love,” George said.

Kingsley was quiet so George continued.

George: In the Old Testament, God gave the Israelites the commandments to follow before they could be blessed. But the truth is no one could follow them because the laws were tedious to do so. Because no one could obey all the laws, everyone was guilty before God and so needed a savior. So God sent Jesus to take our sins and die for us. By so doing, he fulfilled the demands of the law for us.

George: Today, God does not require anything from us to do something for us. He has already given us this great salvation and he can heal us and provide for us.

Kingsley: So you mean God is willing to heal me seeing all the bad things I’ve done?” Kingsley asked somewhat sober.

George: Yes, Kingsley, he is so willing to heal you. If your sins couldn’t stop him from dying for you, then it can stop him from healing you.

Kingsley: I can’t believe my ears. So you mean God can prevent my leg from being amputated?”

George: Of course. Not only can he heal your leg, he actually wants to heal you.”

Kingsley: Then please pray for me because I can’t stand my leg being cut,” Kingsley said.

George: Sure, I will be glad to do that.

“Father, thank you for so loving Kingsley so much that you sent Jesus to die for him. Right at this moment, your grace is abundant for him. I command healing in his leg now. Let everything fall in their right place and let every damaged tissues and cells be restored. I declare in the name of Jesus that this leg will not be amputated. It is healed and restored now in Jesus name, Amen,” George prayed.

“Amen,” they chorused.

Monica had gone to visit Harriet after the call. She went to encourage her and to convince that God could heal her….

To be continued…



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