So they used the gathering to interceed for him. After the prayer, they praised God for answered prayer and George called out to those who wanted to receive Jesus and Harriet went forward with Monica’s encouragement.

Harriet approached George after the meeting and expressed her gratitude to George. She had seen that God loved her and has saved her through Jesus Christ. Afterwards, she told George about her condition and George laid hands on her and commanded HIV out of her body. He proclaimed her healed and asked that she continues to come for Bible study with Monica.

The next day, Harriet and Monica decided to visit Abigail the next day but her parents prevented them from entering the house. They explained that they had changed and wanted to see how Abigail was doing but her father insisted that they were a bad influence.

“My daughter almost died because of your negative influence. She’s well now and has turned a new leaf. Leave her alone and advise yourselves,” He said.

Harriet and Monica had no choice but to leave.

“Harriet, what happened to Abigail?” Monica asked somewhat confused as they left Abigail’s house.

“Hmm! Abigail got pregnant, Harriet said and looked around, so I took her to the hospital to abort it.”


“It seems there were complications so she was sent to the hospital.”

“That’s bad. We thank God she survived.”

“His leg is suddenly beginning to respond to treatment. There was no way there could be such improvement, but there is and it’s amazing,” The doctor said to Mr. Philips, the man who had brought Kingsley to the hospital.

“That’s impressive. That means that if things continue this way, there will be no need for amputation,” Mr. Philips said.

“Exactly and that’s what baffles me. His case was hopeless so the sudden recovery is really strange but I’m still running some tests on him. If everything goes on well, he will get back on his legs again,” The doctor said.

The day for Marvin’s trial came and George, Ken, Cyrus, Jennifer and Joshua went to support him expecting victory. It was a tough proceeding.

His mum couldn’t take some of the revelations that were coming out. It felt like there was no hope left. So she left the court room when she couldn’t take it anymore.

Those who had come to watch the proceedings felt pity for the young boy who stood there trying to answer the questions. Marvin had slimmed down and looked sick. He had probably been crying since he was arrested.

After the proceedings, the Judge was ready to pronounce her judgment. Cyrus turned to look at George and George looked at him. Ken looked on anxiously. Jenny and Joshua bowed their heads with their eyes closed…

To be continued…



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