After the proceedings, the Judge was ready to pronounce her judgment. Cyrus turned to look at George and George looked at him. Ken looked on anxiously. Jenny and Joshua bowed their heads with their eyes closed

“From all the proceeding, I hereby, make my pronouncement. The boy in question found himself in that unfortunate situation and took the action in self defense. I hereby, proclaim the accused, acquitted and discharged.”

Ken jumped in jubilation followed by George and the rest. Barrister Alfred screamed a resounding “Yes” in excitement and looked up as though to say, “God, all the glory is yours.”

When Marvin was formally released, Mr. Newman hugged his son and father and son shed tears in the arms of each other. George, and the rest looked on excitedly and couldn’t help but share in the tears of joy.

Some of the people in the court were excited whiles others thought the judge had been bribed.

“Who cares what you think, Marvin has been released and that’s what was needed,” George thought when he overhead some of the observers. He knew no one had bribed the judge.

“I really don’t know how this happened. I didn’t bribe anyone as some of the people are whispering. It may just be luck or something of that sort,” Mr. Newman said as they sat in the car after much struggle to free themselves from the press.

“Not at all sir. I believe God intervened. I’ve seen many innocent people sentenced to jail. This was divine intervention,” Barrister Alfred said.

“You are a lawyer and you believe in God this much. That’s impressive. But is this God real at all? Isn’t he simply a figment of people’s imagination?” Mr. Newman asked as he drove out of the court.

“Not at all. He is very real. Creation show his existence and if creation is real then the creator must of necessity be more real. And this creator isn’t a distant God demanding sacrifices and killing those who do not obey him. He’s a love God who sent his son to take away our sins and save us. Now we can all have a relationship with him by believing in his Son,” Barrister Alfred explained.

“I see. I’ve never heard of anyone talk about God this way. A love God who receives all including my son who has been nothing but a problem. This God must be someone to know about,” Mr. Newman said.

Mrs. Newman sat at the back seat with son in her arms praising God for his release.

After two weeks, Kingsley’s leg had greatly healed. He was fit to be discharged, only that he was advised not to put much pressure on his leg for the mean time. So he was given clutches.

George, Ken and Cyrus went to the hospital to get him back to the neighborhood. They were his only family now. George assured Kingsley that his leg was healed and that he was just recovering.

Kingsley surprisingly wasn’t bothered. As far as he knew, his leg was going to be amputated. So if he can walk with the aid of clutches, then he knew that it was nothing but a miracle. They boarded a taxi which took them straightaway to the neighborhood. Ken and Cyrus promised to be around to help him with whatever he may need daily.

Marvin was yet to recover from what had happened. Just two weeks ago, he was in a police cell just a mile away from serving in prison. And now he was in the comfort of his house as if nothing had happened.

He knew it was God who had answered his prayers in the dark cell. He had wanted to go to church, perhaps, with an offering to thank God, but he knew the church in the neighborhood weren’t going to accept him. So the next day after his release, he took half of the money he had saved from his robbery and gave it to George as an offering.

George, surprised, asked why he would decide to give such an offering to God . He was aware that Marvin did not know much about God. However, Marvin explained that in the police cell, he looked up and ask God to get him out of the police cell if he exists. Now he was out and was convinced that God exist.

George took his time to explain to him that God does exist and loved him greatly. He so loved him that he sent his son to take his place of sin so that he could have salvation. That evening, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

As he laid on his bed, his mind went through all that had happened. He sighed and whispered, “Thank you Jesus” ..

To be continued….



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