As he laid on his bed this morning, his mind went through all that had happened. He sighed and whispered, “Thank you Jesus”

His phone began to ring. It was Cyrus.

Cyrus: Kingsley is home now.

Marvin: Wow, how is he?

Cyrus: He’s doing great. His leg is completely fine. But the doctor advised him to use clutches to prevent him from putting pressure on it.

Marvin: Wow, that’s great. So are you at his place now?

Cyrus: No, but I will go there in the evening with Ken to see if he needs anything.

Marvin: Really, I’m surprised at the transformation in the neighborhood. Imagine, Ken, yourself and myself going for Bible study every weekend?

Cyrus: I know right, sometimes, I just wished we had known Jesus earlier but it’s all good.

The next Saturday, they all went for bible study except for Abigail who was not permitted to go out by her parents. That evening, George preached on what he had title, “This great salvation.”

He spoke about how Jesus had greatly saved the world. He said that salvation from sin is the greatest salvation because it costs God the blood of his only begotten Son. That also showed the depth of God’s love for us. If he spared not his only for us, then he surely loved us.

He continued to say that, the whole world must hear the news of this great salvation and all that a person needed to be saved was to believe in Jesus Christ. After that, he asked if anyone was willing to receive Christ. Kingsley and another guys whom George had invited raised their hands. He welcomed them forward and led them to accept Christ.

Afterwards, they set out to visit Abigial. Her parents were convinced to let them see Abigial after George told them that he wanted to share the Word of God with her. After visiting Abigail and leading her to Christ, they visited the other guys in the neighborhood and preached the gospel to them. Many of them received Christ and promised to join them for the next bible study.

The next bible study had twenty people seated. Joshua and Jennifer as usual, then Cyrus, Ken, Marvin and Kingsley, then Harriet, Monica and Abigail and 11 other boys and girls in the vicinity. That day after preaching the message of God’s love, George urged them to use their influence to get others to receive the gospel. Just as they used their influence to influence others negatively, they should do so positively now.

This was how the once crooked neighborhood was made anew through the preaching of the gospel. Now when one enters the neighborhood, you will still see beautiful ladies on the sides of road but this time decently dressed and oh! they are holding colourful cards with the bold inscription, “GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT”

It had been three weeks. The people in Maslock Ville woke up to a bright morning. Kingsley, Cyrus and Ken sat at the porch of Kingsley’s house chatting. They were talking about the book George had given to them, “Destined to Reign” and how it contained certain things which were not popular and too profound to be understood. Marvin was yet to join them.

A car entered the neighborhood. Two ladies bid the car to stop and gave to everyone a colourful card with the inscription, “GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT”. Carl, the eldest son of the Benson family looked at the card and couldn’t help but show his amazement at how they were welcomed into their new neighborhood. They had bought a house in the neighborhood and were moving in.

“God loves me unconditionally.
Amazing, this must be a superb neighborhood! ,” Carl exclaimed.

Marvin rushed into Kingsley’s house.

“Guys, our new neighbors have arrived. Let’s go and meet them if possible, so we can preach to them, ” Marvin said.

“Great. We were even discussing some wonderful things we’ve read from the book George gave us. Let me change my shirt so we go,” Kingsley said.

“Wow, more people are going to be born again, I can’t wait to see their excitement when they hear the goodnews,” Cyrus said.

“Yes, and if they have any addiction too, the same same gospel can free them just as it freed me, ” Ken said.

“Yeah and if they are locked up in any mental prison or any prison of any sort, my God can deliver them through the preaching of the gospel,” Marvin added.

“And if they want to reign in life, my life will be an example to them because I’m still the King in the neighborhood. Before you guys disagree, remember the Bible says, he has made made us kings and priests,” Kingsley said, and they all burst into laughter.

A gospel revolution was brewing. Nothing could stop it!


NB: This is not a true story. The characters and events are purely fictional. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.



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