“Thanks a lot, King,” Marvin said excitedly.

When they got to the game centre, Kinglsey and Marvin decided to play FIFA as they always did. They bet their monies on it and Cyrus acted as the witness. Before that, Marvin called Ken to see how he was doing.

Marvin: Ken whatsup?

Ken: I’m good.

Marvin: Are you at home?

Ken: Yeah. Where else? Have you forgotten I’m grounded?

Marvin: So where from the noise at the background?

Ken: Just watching movies.

Marvin: Eii! I know the kind of movie you are watching. So the grounding hasn’t changed you?

Ken: Forget about my parents, who said I can’t do whatever I want even when I’m locked up in the house?

Marvin: Hahaha! So when will you change, Ken?

Ken: Change into what? Forget about that. How’s that Jennifer girl, our new neighbor?

Marvin: We heard her parents are very strict so everyone is afraid to go near the house.

Ken: But hasn’t she been coming out?

Marvin: No. I haven’t seen her since the first time we all saw her.

Ken: I’ve been thinking about her. Tell King to help me get her.

Marvin: Hahaha! Do you know King has got a new girlfriend, she’s very young and she visits him almost every night?

Ken: Eeei…King will die because of women. What attitude is that?

Marvin: Hahaha! We are the game centre now, let me call you back later. I want to teach King that if he’s a King in getting women then I’m also a king in playing Fifa.

Ken: Hahaha! Alright Marvin. Take care…


Harriet had caught another big fish. He was the bank manager at one of the reputable banks in the country. He was also married with three kids.

For one reason or the other, Harriet never went home with her sugar daddies on the first occasion. She went to the Hotel with them. So this morning, her new catch had dropped her infront of her house and left. He had promised to get her a new car and any other thing she may need.

She entered the house to find one of his customers waiting angrily for her. He was Mr. Kromwell. He was the one who had bought the house in the neighborhood for her. He wanted to keep her as his only woman, little did he know that Harriet was very generous with her body.

“Who just dropped you?” He asked angrily when Harriet entered the porch.

“Oh…. Erm… That was just my uncle. I visited my cousins yesterday and he decided to bring me home this morning,” She replied.

Mr. Kromwell gave her a dirty slap.

“You liar, you think I don’t know what you have been doing here right? You’ve been going around sleeping with every man you see. You think I bought this house for you so that you can be running prostitution service here? This is the last time I would ever hear about you sleeping with other men. C’mon get inside,” He said and pulled her along…

To be continued…



  1. So interesting… I can’t wait to read the next episode. I started reading your stories not long ago and am enjoying how simple and easy the write up is. Keep it up dear!

  2. So interesting… I can’t wait to read the next episode. I started reading your stories not long ago and am enjoying how simple and easy the write up is.


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