This is the last time I would ever hear about you sleeping with other men. C’mon get inside,” He said and pulled her along.

Back at Ken’s home, his parents had called him and spoken to him extensively about living a good life. They told him he was free to leave the house but should be careful about the neighborhood guys.

He joined the guys immediately after his mum left the house to buy groceries. His dad had already gone to work. It was almost evening when he got to the game center. Kingsley and Marvin screamed happily when they saw him.

“Ken oo Ken, charlie welcome back,” Marvin greeted him and hugged him.

“I hope you’ve changed your lifestyle. At least if you want to steal, steal expensive stuff like IPhone, and the rest, you hear,” Kingsley said and gave him a hug too.

****        *****         *********

Cyrus wasn’t at the game center; he had taken Monica, Harriet’s friend, to a restaurant. Cyrus had been interested in Monica but was finding it difficult to get her attention. The previous day, he had met her and had promised to take her out. Luckily, Monica agreed, so he fulfilled his promised and took her to a plush restaurant with the little he had saved up. They returned to the neighborhood in the evening when the guys were standing outside the game center chatting.

When Cyrus got to where the guys were standing, he asked the driver to stop so that he can wave at his friends.

The boys began screaming when they saw him.

“Herh Cyrus, you do all” Ken screamed.

“Cyrus, it seems you want to take my title. Small boy, look at the girl you took out.” Kingsley shouted.

“Tough guy! Herh! You’ve done what Ken hasn’t done,” Marvin said.

Ken knocked him. “What foolish thing is that, what do you mean by that?” Ken confronted Marvin.

“Charle Ken stop bullying the boy. We all know that Marvin is not lying,” Kingsley added and Marvin burst into laughter.

They screamed some more till Cyrus’ car was out of sight.

“King, how is your pursuit of Jennifer going?” Ken asked.

“I don’t even want to pursue her again. Her brother is such a womanizer,” Kingsley said.

“Oh really, that calm guy?” Ken asked.

“Do you know I caught him proposing to Abigail and when I confronted him, he said he was preaching to her,” Kingsley said.

“I didn’t know he was like that. Anyway, everyone has feelings,” Marvin said amid laughter.

“But King, I heard of your new girl, let her come and visit me too,” Ken said.

“At where? Do you even have a house? You are still a small boy. You have just been released from grounding remember? She wants older guys, guys like me who can take care of her, Kingsley said and tapped his shoulders, when you grown up, you may get a nice girl like her. For now, just relax.”

Kingsley moved out of the game centre with Marvin who was laughing at Ken.

Unknowingly, Kingsley had left his phone on the table inside the game center. Ken noticed it and took it. Fortunately for him, it wasn’t locked yet, he searched for Abigail number, found it, stored it on his phone and joined them outside.

“It seems I left my phone inside,” Kingsley said when he realized and went back for it.

Meanwhile in the Hayfords’ house, George was busily interceding for the young people in his neighborhood and seeking for how best to preach the gospel to them. Though his parents were not supportive, he had already made up his mind about preaching the gospel to them and nothing was going to change his mind. His friend, Kelvin, was a great source of inspiration.

Though a lot had happened, he wasn’t going to give up. He had tried sharing the gospel with the people in the neighbourhood again. This time he met a group of boys who were smoking. When he attempted to preach to them, one of them released the smoke in his mouth on him. George for a short while was blinded by the smoke and started coughing. The guys started laughing and left. George said nothing and started walking back home. He was smelling as though he had smoked, so there was no need continuing…

To be continued…



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