Harriet stood in front of the mirror, beholding her new self.  She wasn’t like this initially. She had stayed with his Uncle in Accra since her childhood days. Her poor parents were in the village and had brought her too stay with her Uncle.

It was after High school that her Uncle moved into the neighborhood with his family. She became friends with a lady named Dorothy and that was the end of her innocent, respectful life. Dorothy introduced her to drinks and men. Now Dorothy had moved out of the vicinity with her parents and Harriet had taken over from her. At the age of 22, she had slept with many men older enough to be her father and had duped many rich young guys.

His Uncle and his wife had traveled abroad and left the house to their two children and Harriet. Soon, however, Harriet moved out of her uncle’s house into a new apartment in the same neighborhood. Helen and John were hardly home and didn’t care much about her. They knew she was staying somewhere in the neighborhood but never bothered to know how she got the house or why she moved from home.

As she stared into the mirror, she could see a totally new person addicted to all sort of immorality. She had become a slave to all the things she owed. She retired into the sofa wondering what to do next.

Mr. Kromwell had locked her inside the house and taken the keys away. It was his way of ensuring that she didn’t go out. But Harriet was smarter. She called Kingsley immediately to her rescue.

“Who did this to you?” Kingsley asked after breaking the door open.

“Hmm! It’s a long story,” Harriet said.

“Well, then cut it short. I’m sure it’s one of your sugar daddies. Harriet, I’ve always been there for you but you keep shunning me for these old men with pot bellies. “

” You really love me but easily agreed to sleep with Abigail. Do you think you can fool me?”

“But who says I love her; I’m just having fun with her.”

“That’s the same thing you will say to her about me. Liar!”

After Kingsley had left Harriet’s house, he got ready for the work that night. Most people in the neighborhood including his friends did not the source of his income. He was very rich yet no one knew the kind of work he did.

“Kingsley for your information, we heard there’s a new family in the neighborhood, they will be our next target after this operation,” Skillion, the leader of the gang said to him.

“Alright boss,” Kingsley replied.

“If you are all ready, then let’s set off,” Skillion said.

This was Kingsley’s source of money. He was a member of an armrobbery gang which attacked big houses, banks, Jewelery shops, forex bureaus etc. He made huge sums of money anytime they embarked on an operation. This very night, they were going to attack a house outside the neighborhood.

Since Marvin said he was interested in doing business with him, he planned to introduce him to the gang.

******           ********            ******

Ken sat in the washroom smoking heavily. Kingsley had introduced him and the other guys to “weed” so he took some home to try it. What motivated his move was that Marvin had told him that it boosted one’s sexual prowess.

When he took Abigail’s number from Kingsley phone, he started chatting with her. He had planned to invite her to Marvin’s house since his own parent won’t allow him to bring a girl to the house.

Marvin was home alone as his parents had traveled to their hometown. So the plan was to get Abigail over that night and sleep with her. So the smoking of the weed was a sort of preparation

Abigail, on the other hand, was also busily preparing to meet with Ken. She had always admired his physique so this was a great opportunity to sleep with another guy apart from Kingsley.

After spending the night with Kingsley, her parents beat the hell out of her. They were so angry with her and made it obvious. However, their anger melted away when Abigail was able to provide money to take care of her ill grandmother. Her parents stop beating or shouting at her. After all, she was being of help to the family. So it looked like she had the go ahead to keep on with whatever she was doing to get the money.

“But Ken, you can’t bring her to my house and enjoy alone,” Marvin protested when he realised Ken’s plans.

“What are friends for? You are just helping out a brother,” Ken said and patted him on the back.

“I agreed to let you bring her here so that I can also have my share but it seems we are not thinking the same way,” Marvin said.

“Okay, I can arrange for her to come another day for you only,” Ken suggested.

Marvin’s phone began to ring.

Marvin: Oh really, so we will be going tonight? That’s good, so I should be in your house by 6pm? Alright I will be there.

“Who was that?” Ken asked.

“You are very lucky that I won’t be home tonight. Don’t mess the place up, I will be going to town with King, we are going to check a few things here and there,” Marvin replied.

“Alright then, but I will bring her to you some other time,” Ken assured him…

To be continued…


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