The following morning, the Police were at the gate of the Hayfords house trying to investigate the arm robbery attempt.

“I’m sure this was done by some of these neighborhood guys. Please investigate properly and lock up any culprit found,” Mr. Hayford said to the Police.

“We will do our best to get to the end of this sir,” One of the policemen said.

The gang had moved straight to Skillion’s house outside the neighborhood.

“I still don’t understand why we couldn’t break into that house. Haven’t we met and conquered houses with better security than this,” Skillion said walking about.

“Boss, this is more than physical. There was nothing special about the security there,” Zaky said.

“Now we have failed completely and the police may be after us. No one should leave here till I tell you to do so,” Skillion said.

Back in the neighborhood, Marvin’s parents had returned home to find almost everything gone. The Plasma TV was gone, the DVD player was nowhere to be found and as well as the Desktop computer and refrigerator.

They looked everywhere for Marvin but he was also nowhere to be found. They had called all his mates but nobody had seen him.

They suspected that Marvin may have sold the things and moved out of the house to enjoy with his friends.

“We shouldn’t have left that boy alone in this house,” Marvin’s father said in regret.

“Hmm! Marvin wasn’t like this at first. What at all has come over him. Awww, now my refrigerator is gone, my microwave too. This boy won’t kill me,” His mother said weeping.


“These are brand new stuffs, so sell them at a good price for me,” Ken said to one guy in the neighborhood.

“Alright. I will and I hope you will settle me afterwards,” He said.

“Sure but don’t let anyone know you got them from me,” Ken said.

Apparently, Ken was the one behind the stolen items in Marvin’s house. After spending the night with Abigail in Marvin’s room, he decided to steal the items and sell them to make more money to impress Abigail.


Cyrus, on the other hand, wanted Monica to pay him back in kind. So he had invited him to his house, drugged her drink and slept with her.

Monica was angry at what Cyrus had done to her. She wanted to teach him a bitter lesson. So she proceeded to Harriet house to inform her but to her dismay she wasn’t at home.

She turned to go back home and a pink card in the grass in front of Harriet’s house caught her attention. She took the card and read the inscription, “GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT.” She looked around to see if anyone was there but found no one. She went home and couldn’t help but cry.

She was from a Christian background. She had learnt at an early age the importance of praying, reading the Bible and living right. However, that ceased when his elder brother got married and asked that she come to stay with him in the neighborhood.

His brother and his wife both had demanding jobs so she was left mostly at home alone. Out of boredom, she would walk around the neighborhood admiring the beautiful grasses and flowers in front of the houses. That was how she met Harriet and that was how her life changed.

“How can I trust that God still loves me seeing how I have defiled myself. I’m just 20 but the things I have done are more than my age. Oh God!” She moaned.

She just hoped that one way or the other God still loved her as the inscription on the card….

To be continued….



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