She just hoped that one way or the other God still loved her as the inscription on the card said.

On the other hand, Marvin and Kingsley had returned home after the news of the robbery subsided. His parents had beaten the hell out of him and demanded that he replace the missing properties.

In pain, he went straight to Ken’s house. To his dismay, Ken wasn’t at home. He also couldn’t go back home because that would mean more beatings from his father. He headed to Kingsley’s house to inform him. Kingsley promised to buy the things for him so that he could replace them.

After several weeks, the four friends met again at Yummy for your Tummy. Kingsley had settled the theft issue between Marvin and Ken so everything was cool between them. They had finished eating that morning and had entered the game center together only to find on the table, colorful cards with the inscription, “GOD LOVES YOU NOT MATTER WHAT.” They began asking who placed them there. Kingsley suspected it was George and began to rain insults on him.

Cyrus’ gaze was fixed towards those words. He was feeling quite guilty about what had gone on with Monica. He slipped one of the cards into his pockets.

“That guy is foolish. Does he think girls come to the game center?” Kingsley said.

“King, he’s just preaching the gospel,” Marvin said laughing.

“Which gospel? He sins more than anyone in this neighborhood. He’s such a hypocrite. I caught him trying to propose to Abigail and he said he was preaching to her,” Kingsley said and chuckled.

“Charles relax, let’s read what’s on it; GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT,” Ken read it out.

“Who says we don’t know that. This is how they begin when they want to take your money. God loves everybody we know,” Kingsley said and they burst into laughter.

But Cyrus was quiet throughout. He just hoped the Words on the card applied to him too.

George had began bible study in his house with his siblings. His friend, Kelvin, joined them once a while since he lived far from the neighborhood. They met every Saturday evening to study the Gospel of Christ.

He spent time daily praying for the guys in the neighborhood as well. He was behind the colourful cards in front of Harriet’s house and the game centre. He was hoping that it would attract the attention of the young people there.

When Cyrus got home that evening, he took the card and called the number on it. George answered the call and assured him that God loved him. Cyrus, however, had some questions. So George told him to come to the Bible study on Saturday evening to have his questions answered.

“George if you plan on having a church in this house then that will be impossible. I wouldn’t want the spoilt brats in this neighborhood to corrupt my home,” Mr. Hayford said when he overheard the call.

“Dad, I’m only trying to help them,” George answered.

“But I don’t want to see any of them in this house and that’s final,” Mr. Hayford said and walked away.

Another challenge was here again but George was determined to overcome it.

He decided to rent a hall at the complex located in the middle of the neighborhood for their meetings on Saturday evenings. Yummy for your Tummy and a few other businesses operated there. The price for renting was quiet expensive but he was prepared to use all he had. He told Kelvin about it and Kelvin decided to give half of the money to rent the place every Saturday.

So that Saturday at exactly 4pm, the meeting began with prayer and worship. Cyrus joined in a little after 4pm. He looked around shyly. There were only four people in the hall, George, Joshua, Jennifer and himself.

After the prayer and worship, the Bible Study began.

George: This evening, I would like us to study something very powerful. Can we all open to John 3:16? Can someone read for us?

Jennifer: John 3:16, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

George: Did we all hear that? For God so loved the world. The world here refers to the people in the world. Here, Jesus was not referring to righteous people. He was referring to sinners. Yet he said that God so loved them. It doesn’t matter the mess find yourself in, God is madly in love with you…

To be continued…



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